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Turkey Plans False Flag Against Syria; Blocks Youtube, Twitter

AFP Photo/Adem Altan

Brandon Turbeville

In what appears to be the revelation of yet another attempt to instigate foreign military action on Syrian soil, a video posted to Youtube from an anonymous account allegedly provides the audio of Turkish intelligence Chief Hakan Fidan, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, and Deputy Chief of Military Staff Yasar Guler as well as other top Turkish officials discussing a possible attack on Syria.

The operation, if implemented, would have been publicly predicated on the basis of “securing the tomb of Suleyman Shah,” the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman empire. As Reuters reports, “Ankara regards the tomb as sovereign Turkish territory under a treaty signed with France in 1921, when Syria was under French rule. About two dozen Turkish special forces soldiers permanently guard it.”

As a result, Turkish authorities have moved to block access to Youtube, describing the recording as “villainous,” and a “wretched attack” on national security. This reaction has lent even more credence to the veracity of the recordings.

Two weeks ago, Turkey publicly threatened to respond to any attack on the tomb after a confrontation between fanatical death squads ISIL and other related “rebel” groups in the area.

However, it appears that the controversy over the danger posed to Suleyman’s tomb is nothing more than a weak excuse for overt military incursion into Syria. The idea is that Turkey will be able to claim that it is taking action against “Al-Qaeda” in order to protect Turkish territory, a justification that will be readily accepted by Western audiences.

It is important to point out that the Turkish plan is actually a false flag attack, since Turkey itself has been responsible for the facilitation, direction, and organization of many of the death squads operating in Syria. Indeed, the Turkey-Syria border is so wide open to Western-backed death squads that Turkish border stations might consider installing “death squad crossing” signs to warn other travelers.

The audio recording presents Foreign Ministry Under Secretary Feridun Sinirlioglu as stating “"An operation against ISIL has international legitimacy. We will define it as al Qaeda. There are no issues on the al Qaeda framework. When it comes to the Suleyman Shah tomb, it's about the protection of national soil.”

Reportedly, the voice of Intelligence Chief Hakan Fidan responds, “Justification can be created. The matter is to create the will."

TIB, the Turkish telecom authority, has responded by taking an “administrative measure” against Youtube, essentially blocking the website in Turkey. This measure comes a week after Turkish authorities blocked access to Twitter.

According to Reuters, “A source in Erdogan's office said the video sharing service was blocked as a precaution after the voice recordings created a "national security issue" and said it may lift the ban if YouTube agreed to remove the content.”

If the recordings are real, then Turkey’s attempted false flag attack is yet one more act of aggression against Syria. Turkey has, for some time, acted as a conduit for death squad terrorists into Syria.

Only four days ago, on March 24, Turkey shot down a Syrian fighter jet which Turkey claims violated its airspace. Syrian officials, however, state that it was Turkey who violated Syrian airspace in an attempt to interfere with Syrian operations against death squads near Latakia. It is notable that the Syrian jet crashed on Syrian territory, not Turkish land.

The strike against the Syrian jet was not necessarily an isolated incident as the attack took place alongside a major offensive of “rebels” who pushed across the Turkey-Syria border simultaneously.

It was also reported that Turkey fired a number of artillery and tank shells against Syria military positions.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing Turkish special forces accompanying the death squads across the borders.
As Mimi Al-Laham writes for Land Destroyer Report,
The Al Qaeda attack and takeover of the Kassab border crossing has caused up to2000 to 6000 Armenian Syrians to flee the area. Mass looting and destruction of religious sites was reported by residents (similar to criminal acts carried out in the recently liberated city of Yabroud).
Armenians are once again refugees due to the Turkish government like their ancestors who fled the Armenian Holocaust decades ago.

There has been no mention on the BBC of NATO’s open support for Al Qaeda groups. The attack comes in the backdrop of mass rallies against Turkish President Erdogan, who recently banned Twitter
The battles in Latakia are ongoing, with the Syrian military inflicting heavy losses on Al Qaeda militants.
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