Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dem Congressional Candidate Calls Fed Chiefs 'Incompetent Boobs'

Jim Davidson
Progressive Gazette
March 6, 2014

In a recent interview with Brandon Turbeville on the Truth on the Tracks radio program, Adam Rodriguez, a candidate for U.S. Congress in the 10th District of Pennyslvania, referred to Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, and other Wall Street bankers as “incompetent boobs” among other insults.

During the interview Rodriguez stated “I don’t know where the heck these people come off. They have these very haughty looks, you know. They prance around Congress. They prance around Washington, D.C. as though they think they know something. They don’t know anything! They’re a bunch of incompetents. Get rid of all of them! Especially those two [Bernanke and Yellen]!”

Rodriguez then turned his sites on Alan Greenspan where he stated “Now Greenspan’s a whole new separate issue altogether. With those glasses…He looked ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous. He was another incompetent boob.”

One of Rodriguez’s platform planks involve the nationalization of the Federal Reserve and the subsequent use of that institution as a credit issuing facility directed by Congress and the President for the purposes of jumpstarting a national economic recovery.

Rodriguez’s critique centered around the fact that the Federal Reserve, essentially a clique of private bankers masquerading as a national bank, have been providing trillions of dollars of interest free (or nearly interest free) credit to zombie banks and Wall Street while providing virtually no help to Main Street and the American people.

Rodriguez would see the Federal Reserve nationalized so that it functions as a Government-run Central Bank or National Bank that issues 0% interest credit to State and Local Governments as well as private industry for the purposes of jumpstarting a national recovery. Rodriguez argues that he would like to see money/credit creating power to the Congress and, hence, the American people as provided for in the U.S. Constitution.

Despite the nature of Rodriguez’s comments, the interview was quite substantive as he argued for points such as the 1% Wall Street Sales Tax, a $15 Minimum Wage, a moratorium on fracking, and opposition to the TPP.

You can hear the full interview in the video below. The “incompetent boob” comment comes around the 41minute mark.

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