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Reports: Muslim Brotherhood Uses Puppies as Firebombs In Egypt

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
November 4, 2013

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Ever since the ouster of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, the American people have been force-fed a steady diet of propaganda regarding the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet, while mainstream media outlets attempt to portray the organization as peaceful and pro-democracy, the fact is that the Brotherhood is nothing more than a conduit for Western-backed destabilization efforts aimed at destroying a secular Egyptian government and the rise of Arab nationalism.

Indeed, despite the narrative spun by the corporate media regarding the violence taking place in Egypt, it is important to remember that the recent clashes were instigated and perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. From firing weapons at Egyptian security forces to throwing opponents off of rooftops, as well as large-scale ransacking and destruction of Christian churches, the Muslim Brotherhood has been guilty of using violence and intimidation in order to both weaken the Egyptian government and terrify the citizenry into accepting the dominance of the Brotherhood.

Recently, however, it is being reported that the Brotherhood has taken advantage of even more shocking and bizarre tactics – using puppies as firebombs.

According to the Washington Times, Pet ResQ Inc., has managed to save three puppies that were unlucky enough to have fallen into the clutches of the Muslim Brotherhood. Pet ResQ began taking action to rescue the animals after it came to the organization’s attention that the Brotherhood was using them as weaponry.

Reports suggest that members of the Brotherhood were dousing the puppies with gasoline, lighting them on fire, and throwing them into the midst of the crowd of demonstrators in Tahrir Square in Cairo turning them into what the Washington Times report refers to as “makeshift bombs.”

As Cheryl K. Chumley writes, “Robyn Urman, a rescuer with the New Jersey group, Pet ResQ Inc, said this isn’t the first time Muslim Brotherhood members had been busted trying to use animals as gasoline-fired bombs, Breitbart reported. And this particular discovery didn’t end well for all the dogs.” The report goes on to state that Muslim Brotherhood members were actually caught dousing 20 puppies with gasoline but only three of them could be saved. Similar reports are also being made by other media organizations including TIME, CBS, and Israel National News.

Some organizations, however, are more skeptical and attempt to cast doubt upon the veracity of the claims. For instance, Foreign Policy states that the only documentation available to confirm the story involves a Facebook message to the New Jersey animal rescue operation from an Egyptian activist relating the events.

Foreign Policy states,
Not only would weaponizing puppies be wildly impractical, there is no documented evidence of this occurring -- nor has the Brotherhood been able to stage protests in Tahrir Square since Morsy was toppled this summer. The rescue worker who relayed the story, when contacted by Galey, said that she did nothing to verify the allegation.
Of course, while the veracity of the rescue organization’s claim may be rightly questioned, the veracity of Foreign Policy’s claims should be questioned as well. As the official news organization of the Council on Foreign Relations, a globalist war-mongering endeavor, Foreign Policy obviously has an agenda which neither takes the best interest of the American or Egyptian people to heart. Indeed, suggestions that the Brotherhood has been unable to stage demonstrations in Cairo are patently false since that is precisely what the Brotherhood has done ever since Morsi was ousted.

Regardless of the veracity of this particular story, it is true that the Muslim Brotherhood is nothing more than a tool of Western intelligence acting as a force of destabilization in Egypt. This is a fact that is largely recognized, albeit unconsciously, by the Egyptian people after having been exposed to the Muslim Brotherhood’s methods of rule during Morsi’s brief reign.

Indeed, as stated earlier, It is important to remember that the Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Egypt have themselves been caught in numerous violent acts, such as firing weapons at Egyptian police, even throwing political opponents off rooftops, and firing rocket-propelled grenades at a state satellite facility. The Brotherhood detonated a car bomb outside of a building which housed some Egyptian intelligence officers in Ismailia. This is in addition the targeting of Christian churches for destruction, regardless of the fact that these churches, nor those who worship in them, had anything to do with the perceived wrongs done to the Muslim Brotherhood. Clearly, this is fanaticism in all its glory.

These type of violent acts and unmitigated fanaticism is why the overwhelming majority of the Egyptian people despise the Brotherhood. During the initial campaign of violence surrounding the Brotherhood’s expulsion from a massive protest camp and the subsequent clashes between the Brotherhood and the Egyptian security forces, many Egyptian citizens formed their own organic security brigades to prevent the Brotherhood members from entering their neighborhood and engaging in violence and other forms of disturbance. Many of these brigades actually armed themselves with machetes and stood guard over their neighborhoods all throughout the day and night.

With that in mind, any talk of supporting democracy and the will of the Egyptian people by the Muslim Brotherhood, Western governments, or mainstream media outlets should be dismissed out of hand as the Brotherhood clearly does not have the support of the Egyptian people. If these sources truly value “democracy” and respect of the will of the people, then the fact that the overwhelming majority of Egyptians have spoken against the Muslim Brotherhood should end the debate.

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