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Egypt Anti-Terror Officer Gunned Down Before Testimony Against Morsi

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Brandon Turbeville
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Late on Sunday afternoon, an Egyptian officer was gunned down by seven bullets coming from three gunmen in Nasr City, a neighborhood in Cairo, Egypt. The officer, Mohamed Mabruk, had been in charge of the Muslim Brotherhood file at the Interior Ministry’s National Security Agency, according to a statement made by the Interior Ministry.

France 24 reports that an Egyptian security official has stated that Mabruk had been involved in drafting the charges against Mohammed Morsi and the Chief of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Badie on which the current trials of both are based. It is also reported that Mabruk was focused on “Islamist groups that have escalated their attacks since the July 3 overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi.”

France 24 also states that Mabruk was set to testify against Morsi this week regarding charges that Morsi had been working with groups like Hamas and Hezbollah in his escape from prison during the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in 2011. Thus, Islamist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood appear to be the prime suspects in what even the interim Prime Minister Hazem al-Belawi is calling an “assassination by treacherous hands.”

Still, there have been no claims of responsibility for the attack by anyone at this point.
Prime Minister Beblawi also stated that “The government will not tolerate criminal and terrorist groups who raise their arms to terrorize security officials” and that authorities are “able to cleanse the country of all criminal hands, returning security and safety to all corners of Egypt.”

Jihadist organizations have engaged in attacks in Cairo on previous occasions, including an attack in September that attempted to assassinate Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim by targeting his convoy. Ibrahim survived the attack.

However, the attack on Ibrahim appears to have ushered in a new era in Jihadist groups linked to the Sinai peninsula who had, at one time, limited their operations to the Sinai itself. Ever since the attempted killing of Ibrahim, these groups have stepped up their attacks in concert with the violence perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood fundamentalists also causing mass destabilization in Egypt.

Because no groups have claimed responsibility for the attack, any further assertions as to who carried it out would be speculation. However, considering the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood and Sinai militants have been responsible for a variety of violent acts in Egypt as of late as well as the fact that Mabruk was involved in the investigation and prosecution of Morsi and other Brotherhood members, one may rightly suspect the involvement of one or both of these groups in the latest incident.

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