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Kidnapped Syrian Girls Used as Sex Slaves: Report

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

If new reports coming out of Syria are accurate, then the level of cruelty and inhumanity of the death squads attempting to overthrow the Assad government has reached an even more shocking low. According to Ziad Fadel of Syrian Perspective, it has been discovered that foreign-backed death squads have been holding Syrian minority women captive in tunnels and using them as sex slaves for months on end.

Indeed, Syrian Perspective reports that, according to its sources in the Syrian military, after the liberation of Greater Al-Subayna and Lesser Al-Subayna, the Syrian Arab Army discovered a tunnel outfitted with both electricity and a field medical clinic. In addition to the advanced state of the tunnel’s facilities, however, the army also found 16 women, ages ranging from 14 to 27, who had been kidnapped by the death squads.

The women, mostly from the eastern and southern parts of Syria were all either Christian or Shi’ite. Most were not married when they were abducted, except for two women who had husbands serving in the Syrian military.

According to Syrian Perspective, the women had been held by the death squads for at least 5 months and were forced to repeatedly have sex with the death squad members who inhabited the tunnel. The women were subjected to continual beatings and other forms of brutality if they did not comply.

Syrian Perspective reports that at least 4 of these women had become pregnant as a result of the rape, with the aforementioned 14 year old being one of them.

Even more shocking, Syria Perspective claims that the Syrian women were overseen and controlled by 3 jihadist women from both Tunisia and Libya, who were told that their souls would be saved from hell if they kept the captive Syrian girls in line. The duties, according to the thinking of the fanatics, were all just part of the jihad. The jihadist females were reported to have ruled with an iron fist, beating the girls if ever they attempted to resist.

It is also reported that, although the death squads evacuated the jihadist women from the tunnel as the area was being liberated, the women were killed “as they tried to escape.”

Syrian Perspective reports that, when Syrian army soldiers came upon the tunnel containing the captive Syrian girls, the victims had been driven into a frenzied state. The girls begged the Syrian soldiers not to tell their families what they had gone through.

Because of the shame and terror these women were forced to endure, the Syrian government is withholding the names of the victims.

Earlier reports coming from Syrian Perspective regarding the Syrian military’s discovery of the tunnel involved the revelation that the tunnel contained “evidence of an ‘Islamic Canonical Court’ and a torture chamber for prisoners.”

Fadel writes that, although the Syrian government preferred to keep the story under wraps, he felt it was best to release the information. Fadel states,
I decided I would disclose it because these kinds of acts, as barbarous as they are, must be revealed to all civilized nations, especially those who pretend to be more civilized than others. This is the work of England, France and the United States. Without their filthy involvement, these girls would never have become Jihadist prostitutes. What a shame! I hope all English, French and American people will bring this matter up with their war criminal governments.
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