Friday, July 29, 2016

In The Name Of Freedom

Hanin Elias
July 29, 2016

I grew up in Syria as a child. My childhood was filled with happy memories surrounded by my family in Damascus and Aleppo. They belong to the Christian minorities but never encountered any problems related to that. Of course, there was always some Islamist extremism that lurked into the country but a very wide majority of Sunni Muslims took it easy, enjoyed secular Syria, and took some pride in being part of a country that had managed to live peacefully and united for decades.

When I see the news about the "civil war," knowing that reality is different by being in touch with real Syrians in the country, I can only say that I have enough of this charade... It is a planned "uprising" engineered in order to further control the Middle East. This wasn’t just pushed by democracy-loving protestors. It is well-organized stratagem planned by foreign countries. Chemical weapons and attacks on hospitals have been used by chosen so-called "moderate" rebels to create more reasons for the West to fight Assad and the Syrian people who lived in secular conditions without religious struggle - including Christians, all sort of Muslims, and other religions.

Saudi Arabia is Syria’s enemy because the Saudi’s stand for Wahhabism and are not tolerant towards religious freedom or musical, artistic or female expression. If Assad fell, democracy would not be the alternative; it would be a Sharia government in its most primitive way!

There are geopolitical interests at work as well of course, and this war has been planned by the CIA and the Pentagon to complete a global long-term plan to control the Middle East and its resources.

Assad was elected by 80 % of the Syrian people, so why are we funding the rebels who want to install the Sharia law and oppress and behead people? Why would we support the very people who committed 9/11? The answer is that, if Assad is gone, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia can build a gas pipeline and Israel can sell the oil they found on the stolen Golan Heights, Iran can be attacked next and so on.

At the moment, it is Russia, Hezbollah and the Syrian Arab Army (all Syrians with different religions united) who are fighting ISIS and thousands of internationally recruited terrorists. Of course the U.S., Turkey, the Saudis and Israel are not happy about this because they profit from destabilizing Syria just as they did with Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. If nobody funded the rebels, this war would be over and the refugees would be able to safely go home. But then the economy of all foreign arm dealers would stagnate. The more people die and shoot each other, the more they earn. They even fund different groups that fight each other just to keep the dollar rolling!

Imperialist megalomaniac ideas clash with the Eastern wish of staying authentic and untouchable make the possibility of a World War 3 awfully real. All the chaos that has been created by the U.S., Saudi Arabia and NATO in the Middle East is a crime against humanity. The U.S. sending troops without an invitation from the legally elected government is illegitimate!

Syria took in Palestinian, Greek, Armenian and Iraqi refugees, gave them free healthcare and school education even in times of drought and sanctions. This is something the U.S. cannot even do for their own people in their best economic days. But because nobody is trained to see the complexity of all that's happening, people fall for simple explanations and blame Assad, call him a tyrant or bloody dictator. At the same time, the so called "freedom fighters" and "moderate rebels", who are actually Al Qaida , Al Nusra Front and other Islamic extremists, are painted as good and freedom-lovers by a heavily corrupt western media.

They support their propaganda with millions of dollars to get it down our throats just like the weapons of mass destruction lie in Iraq. The U.S. is known for installing puppet governments in order to move forward with their own interests. I'm sick of it and I want the mainstream press to go to Syria and see for themselves what is happening. I want them to represent the Syrian people and not the terrorists who came to destroy and destabilize the country, displacing its people and who are now starting to destabilize Europe.

I have honestly never seen so many lies in the news as with this invasion, this proxy war in Syria. So many sources have been used to brainwash the people of the West, most notably that of the western press and the so-called humanitarian organizations who attempt to legitimize the horror.

No government and its people should have to accept a foreign-backed regime change for the worse.

The destabilization is doing nothing but providing us with the destruction of worldwide artifacts, loss of culture and the last Muslim and Christian people who spoke the tongue of Christ. These people are now dead, kidnapped, tortured, raped, sold as slaves, and displaced.

How can we accept this in the name of Freedom?

Hanin Elias was born 1972 in Wittlich, Germany. Daughter of a Syrian doctor and a German doctor's assistant. She spent her childhood in Damascus and Aleppo. Co founder of the Band Atari Teenage Riot, Founder of Fatal Recordings, and political activist, she toured with Rage against the Machine, Wutang Clan, and Nine Inch Nails. She has also released an album under the name "Fantôme" entitled It All Makes Sense. Elias has released 13 albums as a solo artist. 

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