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Turkey Pushes Refugees To Europe; Part Of NATO War Plan, False Flag, Police State?

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 15, 2015

When observing the tragic humanitarian crisis that has fully engulfed virtually all of Europe as a result of the mass migration of people from war-torn and third world countries, many may be prompted to wonder just how all of these refugees came to take part in a mass exodus at the same time as if they were acting on cue. After all, the Syrian crisis has been unfolding for 4-5 years now and the Libyan crisis even longer still. Other countries have found themselves on the wrong end of NATO but, until now, we have not seen the massive migration such as that taking place across Europe today and very soon to include the United States.

After all, if the Syrian refugees were escaping Syria because of Assad’s cruelty, why did we not witness an immigration crisis in 2008? 2009? 2010? In fact, why have we not seen such a mass exodus until now?

While there has been increased pressure on dislocated Syrians as a result of an ISIS push West, it must be pointed out that a great number of the refugees streaming into Europe are not Syrian at all.

It must also be pointed out that much of the emigration from Turkey seems to have taken place at the behest of Turkish intelligence and Turkish officials. In other words, it appears that Turkey may have helped engineer the buildup of thousands upon thousands of refugees within its own borders until the appropriate time where they would release and push them toward Europe.

The Buildup And Deployment

As Tony Cartalucci points out in his article, “Social Engineering 101: How To Make A Refugee Crisis,” Turkey has “suspiciously maintained a very enthusiastic "open door" policy for refugees, spending inexplicable sums of money and political capital in accommodating them.” Cartalucci finds this policy suspicious because the Turks clearly have no concern for the welfare of the Syrian people. After years of training, arming, coordinating, directing, and facilitating ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other “moderate” cannibals to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dead civilians, unthinkable atrocities, and the displacement of much of the country, Turkey may care about many things but the welfare of the Syrian people is not one of them.

Still, Turkey has been taking in thousands upon thousands of Syrian refugees into the country over the last few years. As Foreign Policy reports in its 2015 article “What Turkey’s Open-Door Policy Means For Syrian Refugees,” “Turkey is now the world’s largest recipient of refugees. Since October 2013, the number of Syrian refugees has increased more than threefold and now numbers almost two million registered refugees.”

So, despite its neglect of concern for the Syrian people, Turkey managed to take in nearly 2 million refugees. Now, these refugees have begun streaming out of Turkey in a manner that suggests a concerted effort behind the exodus.

Such a coordinated plan is alluded to in an article entitled “Refugee Flow Linked To Turkish Policy Shift,” published in Greece’s Kathimerini paper. The article states,

A sharp increase in the influx of migrants and refugees, mostly from Syria, into Greece is due in part to a shift in Turkey’s geopolitical tactics, according to diplomatic sources.

These officials link the wave of migrants into the eastern Aegean to political pressures in neighboring Turkey, which is bracing for snap elections in November, and to a recent decision by Ankara to join the US in bombing Islamic State targets in Syria. The analyses of several officials indicate that the influx from neighboring Turkey is taking place as Turkish officials look the other way or actively promote the exodus. [emphasis added]

As Tony Cartalucci writes,

Catastrophes that are meant to look "sudden" and "unexpected" as well as "unstoppable" but are in fact, allowed to unfold within an operational theater completely controlled by the US and NATO constitutes instead a conspiracy - pitting desperate and/or exploited refugees intentionally sent out of Turkey and into Europe, against a manipulated, fearful, and ill-informed Western public.

Turkey also bears responsibility for the method of travel used by many of the refugees – the perilous sea route – which is an unnecessary method of traveling to Europe. Turkey is connected to Europe by land in two locations, the Bulgarian and Greek borders. Why have the refugees not been allowed to enter Europe through the land route? Why have the Turks not facilitated this passage? Instead, Turkey forces them to take the sea route, resulting the drowning and deaths of large numbers of asylum seekers.

In addition, there seems to be a concerted effort to recruit more fundamentalist elements of foreign societies for relocation in Europe. Sources inside Syria, for instance, have told this writer that the more fundamentalist Muslims in Syria seem to be given preferential treatment for “refugee” status. Of course, this is not to say that the Syrian refugees are fundamentalist or even that the majority of them are of this variety. We must be careful not to paint with broad brushes. Still, it is difficult to avoid seeing that the more fundamentalist “refugees”seem to be given greater attention and assistance in making their way to European countries.

It should also be pointed out that many of the migrant groups seen rioting and protesting in Europe seem to be entirely made up of men, particularly younger men. What kind of war produces more male refugees than females or male men than children? What kind of country accepts the men first and waits to accept the women and children? Truly something is amiss.

It is also important to point out that the immigrants finding their way to European shores are not all Syrian. Indeed, many of the immigrants are coming from all across the Middle East and North Africa. Some reports have shown how many of the immigrants are declared as Syrian but are, in reality, from other locations. Because of the nature of the conflict, it is easier to claim oneself as a Syrian refugee in order to receive some of the privileges given to Syrians by a number of European countries as a result of the crisis.

Pakistanis, Eritreans, Bangaleshis, Afghanis, Nigerians, and refugees from all across the MENA and even sub-saharan Africa are all heading to Europe in droves, with many claiming Syrian nationality and being granted refugee status once they reach the shore.

Why The Immigration Push?

So, why the sudden influx of immigrants and refugees into Europe now? The answer, of course, is at least twofold.

First, with the ability of Assad to hold out for as long as he has in the face of the Anglo-American onslaught, the need for greater use of Western military power in addition to terrorist proxies has become apparent. The creation of a “safe zone” in Syria by the United States and Turkey was one major step toward greater direct military involvement in Syria and the re-creation of the destruction of Libya, this time in version 2.0.

The Russian announcement of an “expeditionary” force in Syria and the upcoming vote on the Iranian nuclear deal in the US Congress, however, has created the need to accelerate the attack on Syria before the Russians become too entrenched and before Iranian money and supplies can flow even freer to the SAA.

Hence, the new “debate” as to whether or not certain European countries should engage in greater bombing in Syria, this time openly stating that Assad and Syrian forces will be the target in addition to the phony claim that ISIS will be the main target.

For instance, the Western media is now awash with reports that the British are seriously considering bombing “ISIS” in Syria. However, while the discussion in England revolves around the bombing of ISIS, the true nature of the discussion revolves around the question of whether or not to engage in the creation of “safe havens” and the bombing of the Assad government forces.

As the Huffington Post reported in its article, “David Cameron Facing Pressure To Bomb Islamic State In Syria After Lord Carey Calls To Group To Be 'Crushed',”

David Cameron is facing growing pressure to extend RAF air strikes into Syria as the worsening conflict threatened to drive increasing numbers of desperate refugees to seek sanctuary in Europe.

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey became the latest senior figure to call for a renewed military effort to "crush" Islamic State (IS) in its Syrian heartlands.

He also backed calls for British military intervention to help create "safe enclaves" within the country where civilians would be protected from attack by the warring parties in Syria's bloody civil war. [emphasis added]

. . . .

His intervention came after Chancellor George Osborne acknowledged that a comprehensive plan was needed to tackle the refugee crisis "at source".

Speaking to reporters at a meeting of G20 finance ministers in Turkey on Saturday, he said that meant dealing with the "evil" regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad as well as the militant jihadists of IS.[emphasis added]

Thus, we see that the influx of “refugees” into Europe is being used to frighten the European public with images of Muslim fanatics, hordes of people chanting “Allahu Akbar!” and “Fuck you!” into supporting a bombing campaign against the Syrian government. The European public, already witnessing their countries and cultures being destroyed under waves of immigration and now being confronted with the physical violence of dislocation of themselves as well as the immigrants, are likely to simply throw up their hands in frustration and accept the bombing campaign as a solution. They will simply say “Do whatever you have to do stop ISIS and/or Assad. Just get these people out of here!”

The waves of immigrants arriving from a war-torn country, fresh with images of drowned children, thirsty adults, and general misery will be used by the Responsibility To Protect (R2P)/Humanitarian Bomber crowds of the left liberal variety in order to bring the second half of the false political dichotomy on board with a bombing campaign right conservatives were already vociferously supporting.

The second aspect of this latest wave of immigration is the destruction of European culture with diverse and often “opposing” cultures and the creation of an easy “divide and conquer” strategy in order to break the European people using the already broken immigrant population. Already, Europe has been overwhelmed with massive waves of immigration from Middle Eastern and African nations as well as other “third world” countries, even before the Syrian crisis.

Under a number of guises – economic, ethical, etc. – the ruling class has opened the floodgates to immigration from countries whose culture is vastly different from that of the host country and where the majority of citizens of European countries are themselves struggling to make ends meet. The influx of immigrants has only worsened the economic situation of the European countries who have taken them in, creating another underclass of low-wage low skill workers who are then played off against the indigenous Europeans. Anger at second class status is directed at Europeans from immigrants while anger at the lowering of wages and living standards are directed at immigrants from Europeans. Neither group ever understands that it is the oligarchical elements of their societies that have created such conditions at home and abroad and thus turn their pent up anger on one another.

That there has been a concerted effort to open the floodgates for immigration in Europe, particularly in Britain, for social engineering purposes can scarcely be denied. After all, Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw, and David Blunkett, admitted that there had been a plan by government ministers, Straw, Blair, and the Labour party to allow so much immigration into Britain that it would change the face of the country forever.

There may, however, be a third component to the recent influx of refugees and immigrants to Europe – the potential for a false flag event blamed on Muslim extremists who entered Europe as a result of the mass migration and entered North America through open American borders with Mexico. With more extremist elements in Syria (and presumably other nations as well) receiving preferential emigration status, the situation would be ripe for exploitation as Europe will play host to a major increase in the number of patsies and Islamist dupes residing within its borders.

After all, Americans have been prepped for the last few years regarding the inevitability of a massive terror attack taking place inside the United States and Europe – possibly even of the nuclear variety – by jihadists who travelled to Syria and Iraq and back to the United States. Lindsey Graham has repeatedly voiced these warnings as has Dick Cheney and a number of other politicians, officials, media outlets, and movies and television.

If such a false flag terror attack does take place, then final breaths of an allegedly “free” society will finally cease for good. War will commence and even the pretense of civil liberties or any liberty at all for that matter will be removed.

The immigration crisis being experienced in Europe today is entirely one of Europe’s own making. By engaging in war after war in the Middle East and North Africa, it is Europe that bears the responsibility (along with Israel and the United States) for killing millions of innocent people and displacing millions more. It is thus the responsibility of Europe and other guilty parties to engage in policies that will eliminate the source of displacement.

Of course, the European oligarchs know well that they are responsible for the mass displacement and are working to exploit that displacement to their own ends. Regardless, it is important to mention a number of rational solutions that would solve an ensuing tragedy in the hopes that activists and the general public may force their implementation.

It is clear that Europe cannot continue to accept such unfettered immigration. Immigration policies such as the ones discussed above have already wrought economic and cultural havoc upon a number of European nations. The average European, of course, is as entitled to his own country, culture, and opportunities as any other human being. However, while Europe should refuse to allow such waves of immigration, immigrants themselves should never be blamed for seeking a better life or for seeking to escape the hell that the West has visited upon them.

Thus, the first step that must be taken, aside from preventing the mass influx of immigrants, is an immediate cessation of any and all bombing of Syria and other related nations. There must be an immediate cessation of support for ISIS, FSA, Nusra, or any other “moderate” cannibal operating in the Middle East. The Syrian government must be allowed to wipe these terrorists off its territory, preferably with assistance and intelligence provided by Europe and the United States. If the United States refuses to change its position on Syria, then the U.S. must go it alone.

Remember, Syrian immigrants in particular are not going to Europe because they dream of debating gender politics, sipping coffee in French cafes, or kneeling at the feet of the queen. They are going to Europe because their homes have been destroyed, their families have been killed, and their country is overrun with savages. Thus, Europe may also be well served to assist in the rebuilding of Syria with a comprehensive plan of foreign investment and credit extended from various European central banks (nationalized banks) and a nationalized Federal Reserve for the purpose of rebuilding civilian infrastructure, hospitals, schools, sanitation, roads, and industry. Credit can be made available for the procurement of products, materials, equipment, and even services so that no actual money changes hands – only materials – in order to avoid fears of corruption or reckless use of finances. Europe and the United States should extend civilized cooperation with Syria in this regard.

While in staunch opposition to the will of the world oligarchy, the above solutions are the only hope of the Syrian and the European peoples. If unheeded, both Syrian and European culture and national identities will be erased and the living standards of all continue to be eviscerated.

The United States, now beginning to witness immigration from the same countries producing immigrants to Europe, must heed these warning as well and it must immediately take part in the solutions.

Clearly, European oligarchs and their American counterparts do not want to see a peaceful end to the crisis in Syria nor do they desire to see a peaceful and humanitarian end to the immigration crisis. It is for that reason that the European and American people must begin to build coalitions amongst themselves and, indeed, amongst immigrant communities, in order to force these oligarchs to do so.

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Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of six books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, and The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria. Turbeville has published over 500 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) gmail.com.

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