Monday, April 13, 2015

Brandon Turbeville And Afraa Discuss Recent Rebel Bombing of Aleppo, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Women in Syria, and More

Image result for afraa syriaBrandon Turbeville
April 13, 2015

Brandon Turbeville interviews Afraa from Syria. The two discuss the differences between the situation in Yemen vs the situation in Syria and how the two crises have been handled. They also discuss the Moscow conference, the infiltration of the Yarmouk camp by ISIS, and the status of women in Syria. The discussion takes place in the shadow of a horrific bombing that took place in Aleppo only a few hours earlier. The bombing was conducted by the jihadist "rebels" and killed tens of civilians.

NOTE: There were problems with the recording. In one video, Brandon cannot be seen except for the small box at the upper left hand corner. The second video was provided so that both participants could be seen.

Unfortunately, the video soon becomes "out of time" and there has been no way to remedy the situation. Please bear with us since the equipment being used is not of professional varieties and the conditions in which the video was recorded were dire to say the least. 

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