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''Al-Qaeda Linked Rebels'' Are Al-Qaeda

Anthony Freda Art
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
April 10, 2015

Since the beginning of the Western-backed foreign invasion of jihadist terrorists into Syria in late 2010, the American and Western mainstream media has attempted to present the death squad fighters on the ground as two-sided – one group being Islamist extremists and the other being “moderate rebels.” As I have documented extensively, this characterization is entirely inaccurate as there is no such thing as a moderate rebel in Syria. Still, this information has not stopped major media outlets from producing presentations in stark contrast to the facts.

In recent months, however, as more and more evidence surfaces proving the official narrative of the existence of “moderate rebels” to be false, the corporate media outlets have taken to yet more propaganda-based name-changes and distortion surrounding the proxy forces fighting on the ground inside Syria.

For instance, al-Nusra Front forces are now being referred to as “Al-Qaeda-linked” fighters and being painted as if they are a mixture of moderate agents who are also willing to work with anyone that has similar objectives as themselves, even al-Qaeda.

The truth, however, is that al-Nusra is not merely “al-Qaeda-linked” but that it is al-Qaeda itself.

In the orbit of the “Levant” and the Syria/Iraq areas, al-Nusra was merely the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda while Al-Qaeda In Iraq was the Iraqi version. Later AQII was rebaptized The Islamic Emirate of Iraq and the Levant. All of these groups were subsidiaries of the same overarching terrorist organization, al-Qaeda proper.

Eventually, both of these groups were renamed “ISIS” because the West, who funds, controls, and directs these terrorists, needed a name change for propaganda purposes. Due to logistical constraints and because of Western-propaganda needs, the names of the various individual groups, (i.e. al-Nusra, al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda in Iraq, etc.) were retained. However, the fact remains that there is no difference between ISIS, al-Nusra, or al-Qaeda nor is there any difference in the source of their funding, training, weapons, and direction – the United States, Israel, and NATO.

The Western propaganda needs mentioned above revolve around the requirement that the US/NATO have forces on the ground that they can at least present as moderate to a gullible public so as to justify the aid provided to them. There is also the need to present the “opposition” as multi-faceted in the sense that there is no centralized control over the hordes of terrorists running rampant across Syria.

Even mainstream outlets were forced to admit that the organizations were one in the same – albeit accidentally – by stating that all of the groups mentioned above are merely offshoots of al-Qaeda. In the tangled web of Western propaganda and false narratives, the constant debate over whether this group or that is either working together or fighting with one another reveals that the command and control structure remains the same for all of these organizations and that any disagreement between the leaders of these organizations is the result of logistical, public relations, or strategic advantages posed as a result of the presentation of division and conflict– not a true lack of cooperation or where their ultimate orders originate.

In this regard, it must be remembered that one of the principle direct-employers of extremist terrorists in Syria – Qatar – recently offered to provide al-Nusra with an even greater supply of money and weapons than is currently being provided to them by the US/NATO/GCC conglomerate on condition that Nusra publicly renounce their affiliation with al-Qaeda. This renunciation was not based on the methods or actions of the terrorist group but merely on the verbal denouncement for public relations purposes. In a telling response, Nusra refused to play along.

Of course, why should it? It will continue to receive weapons, intelligence, training, and money regardless of whether or not it repudiates al-Qaeda. It has done so since its formation and continues to do so today.

The representation of al-Nusra or any other terrorist fighting group in Syria as merely having “links” to al-Qaeda is thus nothing more than a propaganda motif designed to perpetuate the lie that there is such a thing as a moderate fighting force opposing the Assad government.

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