Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Donald Trump Announces "Full" And "Rapid" Withdrawal Of American Troops From Syria

Brandon Turbeville
December 19, 2018

US President Donald Trump shocked the world today in a surprise announcement that the United States was pulling its troops out of Syria. What began with reports from mainstream media sources citing unnamed "defense officials" was finally confirmed by the President in a video where he took credit for defeating ISIS which, according to him, was his "only reason for being there."

The announcement flies in the face of Trump's advisers, his cabinet, the Pentagon, the majority of the US Congress, the entirety of the Western corporate press, and the multitude of think tanks, prominent Republicans, leftists, and celebrities who are predictably whining and crying over the terrible prospect of peace. The majority of the American public, however, is likely greeting the announcement of an end to yet another horrific, immoral, and counterproductive US military adventure.

According to CNN, planning for the pullout is already underway.

CNN stated that Trump ordered a "rapid" and "full" withdrawal.

The announcement has understandably drawn massive praise  from the pro-Syria and anti-war communities centered within the alternative media.

Others, however, are expressing the need to exercise caution before the flag of victory is flown. For instance, geopolitical expert, Tony Cartalucci stated,

Unlikely the US is leaving Syria. Remove troops temporarily? Yes. Withdraw from the conflict? No. 
There are several key possibilities to consider: 
1. A US withdrawal paves way for unilateral Israeli strikes; 
2. It also paves the way for an expanded Turkish incursion; 
3. US troops won't be on the ground as targets in the immediate aftermath of any wider conflict Israel or Turkey provokes; 
4. US troops can re-enter theater with renewed pretext to fight Damascus directly in defense of allies Israel or Turkey and; 
5. US troops can re-enter theater along the better formed and protected front Turkey seeks to create vs the exposed/scattered bases they are currently operating from. Or from Jordan. Or both. 
Keep in mind all of this is based on US policy papers including Brookings' 2009 Which Path to Persia and the 2012 Assessing Options for Regime Change - policy papers depicting options the US has gone through A-Z several times.
Others have posited that Turkey may directly invade the north of Syria, defeating the Kurds and inhering the oil and gas field as a way to reduce any dependence the Turks have on Russia, thus weakening Russia's influence over Turkey.

The United States has recently completed a series of expensive bases in Syria in border areas and the oil and gas rich "Kurdish" region. It is very difficult to believe it will simply pack up and go home after so much effort to seize those resources.

It is also possible that another false flag attack may take place in Syria to force Trump's hand to reverse his decision yet again such as what happened in April of this year.

Remember, this is the second time Trump has stated that troops were coming home from Syria "real soon." After the first, it was only days before a "chemical attack" took place in Syria which was erroneously blamed on the Syrian government. There was no evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. In fact, the evidence instead demonstrated that the attacks were staged by the terrorists themselves alongside the al-Nusra Front propaganda construct known as the White Helmets.


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If Trump's announcement is genuine, he should be commended for finally doing the right thing even if did take two years to do so.  However, we must not let hope cloud prudence and good judgement. There are many interests involved in the Syrian crisis and the destruction of the Syrian government has been a goal of the Anglo-American establishment since the 1980's at the very least. Even if the President is genuine in his attempt to pull American troops out of Syria, the Deep State establishment forces are not simply going to follow orders and give up.

Still, any announcement of the pullout of American troops from Syria is a welcome one indeed.

As I told Sputnik International in April, 2018

"The only legitimate Syria policy on the part of the United States is the immediate and complete withdrawal of all military forces from Syria, as well as an immediate end to the funding, training, and directing any and all terrorists or so-called 'opposition forces' in the country,"

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