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New U-M AARP Poll Pushes Vaccines For Nursing Homes And Visitors

Brandon Turbeville
January 4, 2018 

Do you want to get vaccinated just to visit someone in a nursing home?

The University of Michigan is joining the battle to end individual rights when it comes to vaccine choice. In effect, it is joining the battle to end individual rights when it comes to every decision because there is a very slippery slope at the end of a forced needle.

A poll conducted by the University of Michigan and the AARP is being used to pressure long term care facilities and nursing homes into forcing their staff, patients and visitors to be vaccinated. The poll finds that most Americans support forcing staff and residents to vaccinate and a sizable portion even support forcing visitors.

The conclusion reached by AARP and University of Michigan is that if nursing homes and long term care facilities are concerned about their bottom line, they’d better force everyone to vaccinate or risk losing business.

As the press release reads,

As flu season swings into high gear, a new poll suggests that nursing homes and other long-term care facilities should be doing more to get their staff and patients vaccinated before it’s too late. 
Nearly three-quarters of people over age 50 surveyed in a new poll say that all staff in such facilities should definitely be required to get the flu vaccine. More than 60 percent also say that all patients in nursing homes and assisted living should definitely get vaccinated too. 
In fact, poll respondents felt so strongly about flu vaccination that 70 percent said that if they found out that one-third of a nursing home’s staff wasn’t vaccinated, they would be less likely to choose it for themselves or loved ones. 
“We’ve finally gotten to the point in the last few years where most inpatient hospitals require their staff to get vaccinated against the flu, or at least strongly promote it,” says Preeti Malani, M.D., the director of the poll and a professor of internal medicine at the U-M Medical School who specializes in infectious diseases and geriatrics. 
“These results suggest that other types of care facilities should do the same to protect vulnerable patients – or potentially risk losing business,” she adds. “I encourage everyone to ask nursing homes and other long-term care facilities about their vaccination policies.” 
In all, 73 percent of respondents felt that nursing home medical staff should definitely get vaccinated, and 71 percent felt that non-medical staff should too. An additional 20 percent of respondents felt that staff should possibly be required to be vaccinated. 
The vast majority of respondents also thought that nursing homes should offer the vaccine to staff at work, at no charge, and should require unvaccinated staff to stay home if they get sick. But a lower percentage – 55 percent – thought that the flu vaccine should be mandatory for staff to keep their jobs. In contrast, many hospitals require staff vaccination but allow some staff to opt out and instead wear masks around patients during flu season. 
When it came to nursing home visitors, respondents were less strong in their opinions. Only 25 percent said visitors should be required to be vaccinated before visiting their loved ones. Another 45 percent said they possibly should be required to get the vaccine, and 30 percent believed visitors should not be required to get the vaccine.

But while some readers may respond that it’s only a poll, and that simply asking questions is not pushing an agenda, one need only read the statements of the researchers as quoted above to see that they are clearly attempting to push nursing homes to adopt mandatory vaccine policy for employees, residents and possibly even visitors.

Indeed, what does this press release do other than promote vaccine hysteria and disease panic and the idea of forced vaccination?

CREDIT University of Michigan
Note also that the poll results were based on a sample of people that is supposed to be nationally representative but that includes 2,007 people, ages 50-80 and were interpreted from answering a wide range of questions online.

In reality, the poll does not demonstrate anything other than the fact that a certain segment of the population have no respect for individual rights and that they more easily succumb to propaganda and fear than others. Big surprise.

We could point out how polls are traditionally unreliable as Hillary Clinton found out in 2016 and how they are consistently used to manipulate public opinion and create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But let’s say that it’s true and that people ranging 50 years to 80 years really do support forcing all of these people to receive vaccines against their will. Is the argument one of simple majority and that because more people support it, it should be done?

First off, there are more people in the world than 50-80 year olds and, while very democratic, it sets a dangerous precedent. Perhaps when the nation was coming to grips with the civil rights movement in the early 1960s, instead of recognizing that human beings have rights and are equal, we should have simply put it to a nationally representative poll of 50-80 year olds. Sure, black people would still be eating at lunch counters, but the “majority” would have spoken. Rights always come second place to the mob, right?

The same can be argued for any controversial situation when you take rights out of the equation. It may make masses of people who are temporarily concerned, temporarily feel safer, but if you happen to be a minority, race religion, gender, politics – it’s quite concerning that someone’s fleeting weak knees can result in decisions that no only abridge your rights but have health implications that last the rest of your life.

The real question is when do rights become subject to a popularity contest?
The answer unfortunately is when Americans become obsessed with popularity contests, television, sports and any other masturbatory activity fed to them and begin to outsource the big decisions that actually matter to “experts,” government and other “special” people with “special” skills.

If Americans care anything about what’s left of their rights, it is time for them to tell AARP and the University of Michigan as well as the 50-80-year-olds who clearly do not respect their rights that there is no vaccine debate.

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