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Iran Protesters Want Sanctions, No Support For Syria, Lebanon, Palestine - Call Themselves "Freedom Fighters"

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
January 3, 2018

During the first few days of the Iranian protests, it was somewhat unclear as to whether or not the demonstrations were indeed organic expressions of Iranians angry with religious and legal oppression as well as economic stagnation. As the days passed and the violence grew and as more and more Iranians began speaking out, it subsequently became more and more clear that the demonstrations were something other than organic expressions of anger. Indeed, now on day six, it is abundantly clear that the protests are nothing more than another warfront for the United States, NATO, GCC, and Israel.

One article by FOX, now in its most familiar and comfortable role of supporting a Republican president in his new war, shows the ideology of the protests and the new demands being made by the protesters. This article alone goes great lengths to show that the protesters are nothing more than proxies for a Western agenda even if that was not its intention.

According to the FOX report, the “protesters” are not only happy that the US President tweeted support for them, they want more support from the United States and they want sanctions against their own country and an end to support for Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria. Obviously, this demand matches the U.S. line directly since both the United States and Israeli governments also want sanctions on Iran and an end to its support for Hezbollah, Palestine, and Syra. Note also that the protesters are now stating that they are willing to die in their “uprising,” labeling themselves “freedom fighters.” For those who have followed the Syrian crisis over the years, these statements and terms are eerily familiar.

The FOX report reads,

As fierce protests continued across Iran for the sixth consecutive night Tuesday, among the thousands taking to the streets were those who widely appreciate words of support from President Donald Trump – and hope for more substantial support. 
“Here is real hell,” a 31-year-old protest leader in Tehran, who Fox News will identify only as Azi, said in a telephone interview during the early hours of Wednesday morning. “This is a real revolution against the mullahs. Iran is uprising. I thank Mr. Trump for his support, but we need more.” 
President Trump has taken to Twitter several times to note the protests in Iran, and on Wednesday morning hinted the U.S. could become more involved – in due time. 
. . . . .

“Obama betrayed the Iranian people. He gave the mullahs are ransom and cooperated with (Supreme Leader) Khamenei, he betrayed the Syrian people too. But Trump did not. So we have real expectations,” said Azi. “We want sanctions against the Iranian regime. They plundered our money. The U.S should not pay the mullahs.” 
. . . . . 
Azi said he doesn’t know the fate of friends who have been arrested in the ongoing demonstrations. But he assured they are prepared to fight until the bitter end.
“This time, even if we die, we will not stop. This is the price of freedom. We are not afraid,” he vowed. “I am a freedom fighter. Maybe tonight I will be killed.” 
. . . . .

“All the money given in the Iran deal went to expand security forces in Syria and Lebanon, all the people know this. We will continue until we overthrow this regime. We thank Mr. Trump for support, but we need all the countries not to remain silent.” 
Others on the ground in Iran told Fox News most of the protest participants are “young people” – many students of universities, along with a number of high schoolers.

Sources have revealed to this author that university students do not make up the majority of the protests, despite having played a large role in the Green Revolution in 2009.

The report continues,

As the protests have grown in intensity, so too have the acts of violence. 
“The agitation has reportedly become more violent with protestors attacking security forces and the government seems to be gradually increasing the use of force to quell the unrest,” noted Kamran Bokhari, a Senior Analyst with the intelligence firm, Geopolitical Futures and with the Center for Global Policy. 
There is considerable debate over just how involved the U.S. should become in the Iranian demonstrations.
While Iranians clearly have a plethora of complaints against their government, it seems these recent protests are nothing more than a destabilization campaign engineered by the Western war machine for the purpose of destroying one of the last countries outside of the neo-liberal world system. Unfortunately, the question regarding the protests is no longer whether or not they are legitimate organic demonstrations but just how directly the West is supporting and directing them either financially or on the ground.

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