Saturday, December 23, 2017

Major Protests Erupt In Iraqi Kurdistan Over Corruption, Salaries, Iraq Gov't Warns KRG

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
December 22, 2017

Only a few months after a failed “independence referendum” which saw the Iraqi government reassert its control over the Kurdish areas, the KRG is doing what surprises absolutely no one who is familiar with the situation on the ground – it is launching a massive crackdown on protests and dissent.

As al-Masdar News reports,
Heavy protests against the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in Iraqi Kurdistan have entered their fourth consecutive day, as hundreds of protesters have clashed with security units all over the region. 
The demonstrations, demanding the resignation of notoriously corrupt politicians in the Kurdish regional administration, have been met with fierce violence by KRG forces, resulting in several casualties on Tuesday. Extra reinforces were deployed to the city of Suleymaniyah on Wednesday to crack down on the protests. Over 20 officers of KRG political party and a town hall have been set ablaze according to reports. 
The protests broke out on Monday, out of frustration with the rapid deterioration of basic services in the region, all-pervasive corruption in the regional government and the lack of salary payment for public service workers, with some teachers and hospital workers complaining they haven’t been properly paid in years.

It should be expected that any government based on ethnicity will soon begin cracking down on whatever residents dare to complain against systemic oppression and corruption. In this instance, Iraqi “Kurdistan” is simply acting in a similar manner to its Zionist ally, Israel.

For its part, the Iraqi government is warning the KRG that it will continue to stand idly by and watch the violence escalate.

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