Wednesday, June 28, 2017

REPORT FROM SYRIA: America’s threats to Syria are constant

The DuranAfraa Dagher
The Duran
June 28, 2017

Recent suspicious movements of US aircraft over western Syria have many fearing of an imminent attack.

Recent days have seen suspicious movements of American aircraft near Syria leading many to think that an illegal attack may be imminent.

Spy drones accompanied by RC-135V/W aircraft were observed scanning western Syrian airspace and the Mediterian coast multiple times in the last 48 hours.

All this is points to a possible attack by the US- led coalition against important Syrian bases which are used by the Syrian Arab Army to launch airstrikes against Islamic State terrorists inside Syrian territory.

This should remind us all of the illegal US strike against Al-Shu’ayrat airbase on April 6, 2017.

As things stand now, the situation on the ground is greatly to the advantage of the Syrian Arab Army. The SAA has made advances towards the Iraqi border where troops met with Iraqi popular mobilisation forces in a sign of solidarity. This of course contravenes American plans for the region.

Now America wants to find a way out for the Islamic State in Raqqa and send ISIS to Deir Al-Zour in order to thwart the advances of the Syrian Arab Army there. The US wants to thwart the Syrian Arab Army from liberating every mile of Syria from Wahhabi terrorists who serve the American-Israeli Agenda against Syria.

Again, as usual, the US is accusing Syria of a possible Chemical attack. It seems America can now predict the future. Has American policy really graduated from inaccuracy to prophecy?

Moreover, it is odd that the White House offered no details on what prompted the warning and to that end, spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said she had no additional information as of Monday night. Of course, she added that they care about “protecting people”. Protecting people how? By launching white phosphorus on Syrians and Iraqi people?

And who are they protecting? Are they protecting Syrians by empowering the terrorists who came from all over the world carrying the Wahhabi mentality which seeks to destroy Syrian families?

Most Syrians are in misery now not only because of the war brought by the United States but because of the sanctions which the US has continually imposed on Syria. It is wise to remember that there were no Syrian refugees before this war on Syria

Now, we have refugees, martyrs, kidnapped, disabled and wounded people and it is all because of this war and the US backed terrorists in Syria.

As for “red lines,” what is the real red line for the U.S.? Is it chemical weapons or the fact that Syria downed an Israeli warplane earlier this year? It was after the downing of the Israeli jet that we saw accusations of a chemical attack in Idlib and the subsequent American airstrike against the airbase in Homs province.

Lately, there were multiple Israeli attacks on Syrian Army positions in the liberated part of Al-Quneitrah and the Syrian government promised to reply. Is that why the US wants to bomb Syria again? Is that why we are seeing more accusations of chemical weapons?

The U.S. has launched a volley of lies against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and accused him of gassing his own people. This leader is loved by his people so much that he was able to walk amongst Syrians unlike any American President in the United States. Despite being a valuable target to terrorists theWest, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, he drove his car by himself from Damascus to Hama and then to Jableh, with his family next to him, putting his and their lives in danger just to visit Syrians and the families of wounded people. He sat on the ground with his people, shared with them in their humble food and hugged them.

He then moved to Khmeimim airbase to greet the Russian soldiers whom he called brothers in our war against terrorism. He also greeted Syrian soldiers at the check points along the way.

Who is going to launch attacks against Syrians? Who is going to murder Syrians? Who used white phosphorous against Syrians? Whose aircraft carrier is supposed to be in Haifa in two weeks? Who coincides their airstrikes with terrorist movements? I leave these questions to you!

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