Monday, May 29, 2017

Syria's Military Just Made Massive Gains In The East: Heading Toward ISIS, US Forces - Clash Inevitable?

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 29, 2017

The Syrian military has just made massive gains in the eastern desert areas of the country, foreshadowing a major assault on ISIS positions in the east and southeast and thus an attempt to lift the ISIS siege on Deir ez-Zour. To put it plainly for those that do not follow the Syrian crisis closely, this is a huge deal.

As Ziad Fadel of Syrian Perspective reported,

Complete collapse of of terrorists south of Homs-Palmyra highway. Both ISIS and US/UK/Jordan/GCC/Israel trained terrorists were utterly defeated and expelled from the vital Syrian desert triangle area. The SAA and allies are now securing all key points while clearing them from mines and IEDs. So far the area liberated in the past 3 days accounts to almost 5,000 sq kms, a large and vital area, a fundamental step to free all the Syrian desert from terrorism. Villages, hills and sites that were confirmed liberated so far are listed below: 
 Al Rus hills 
 Khanazir 
 Mount Sawwanat al-Muhassah 
 Mount Qannas 
 Jabal al-Abdah 

 Jabal Butum 
 Mount Unaybah
 Mount Nasrani 
 Bīr Khān ‘Unaybah 
 Mount Ghanem 
 Mount Khulah 
 Sudaryet al-Bayda Hills 
 Mount Ghantus 
 Mount Rimah 
 Jabal al Bhadah 
 al Bhadah village 
 Mount Busayri 
 Busairy crossroad 
 Jabal Zuqaq Khalayil 
 Jabal Khunayzir 
 Jabal Ruwaq 
 Jabal an Naqnaqiyah 
 Jabal Umm Jurn 
 Jabal Tabaq 
 Jabal Wa‘riyah 
 Jabal al Qal` 
 Jabal at Tabaqah 
 Khunayfis village, phosphate mines and production facilities 
 Mount Suwanet al-Hamra 
 As Sawwanah Ash Sharqiyah village, phosphate mines and production facilities. 
 Al ‘Ulayyaniya villages, hill and surrounds 
 Tall al Fira’i 
 Jabal Furū‘ Ţārāt al ‘Alb 
 Air defense batallion – northwest of Zaza crossroad
In addition, according to Syper, the SAA has also announced a new operation, Operation Grand Dawn, which is essentially an offensive toward the Syria-Iraq border near Anbar province and Syria-Jordan border near al Tanf. As Fadel writes,

The logistics will be much shorter between Damascus, Palmyra and the Syrian desert due to the liberated roads and hills. 
The offensive toward the Iraq-Anbar border and Syria-Jordan was announced and is on going as we speak, and is named “Operation Grand Dawn”. Thousands of soldiers will be liberated from maintaining such a large defensive perimeter, and will be sent to the new front lines in the Syrian desert. Expect a very rapid advance toward T3, T2 and Humaymah, this is a large desert area under ISIS and NATO/GCC/Jordan/Israel backed terrorists. With this large and bold move, the SAA and allies will be in a prime position to control the borders with Iraq and Jordan, as well as toward the liberation of Der ez Zor from the desert area (SW of Der ez Zor city).

While these new advances are clearly good news, what seems likely is that there is now a major direct confrontation between Syrian forces backed by Russia and the United States brewing. After all, it is important to remember that it is the Syrian Army’s progress toward al Tanf that prompted the United States to bomb a Syrian military convoy only days ago. Having now announced an official operation heading toward the border crossing, there is little doubt that the SAA will be attempting to liberate territory currently occupied by the United States and its terrorists.

Given that the SAA is likely to initiate their assault with the backing of Russia, the confrontation could very well escalate from 0 to 100 quickly.

The only logical response by the United States is thus to back away, remove its troops and intelligence assets and let the Syrian military and Russia take care of ISIS themselves. As it stands, the United States is illegally occupying Syria and thus any confrontation between the two or three powers should be considered a confrontaton that was initiated by the occupying powers.

Notably, the announcement of the operation and the major progress made by the SAA was followed by reports of an Israeli drone attack against the Syrian military in the Golan region, killing three Syrian soldiers. It seems unlikely that the drone strikes were not related to the Syrian military’s progress in the East of the country. It goes without saying that we will be following these developments closely.

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