Monday, May 1, 2017

Boris Johnson Says It Would Be Hard To Say No To War In Syria If U.S. Asks

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
April 27, 2017

Is there something about terribly bad hair that causes national leaders to be stricken with an incurable case of war psychosis? Is there some crinicultural reason for the lack of all sanity and even diplomatic décor when it comes to the possibility of launching a new military conflict or enflaming one already ongoing? Personally, I miss the days when world leaders would at least pretend that war was always the last choice before launching missiles, airstrikes and ground invasions that had been in the works years prior. But, alas, our current times are not so big on subtlety.

Still, it is unfortunate for those of us who live in them that orange caricatures and British fops are now the public faces of the Western establishment. At least in the past, if we strained our imagination, ignored all evidence, and took enough prescription drugs, we could believe our Presidents and Prime Ministers were actually in charge and that they truly had the best of intentions when they got elected. In fact, we could even believe they got elected! It was a stunning production that children growing up now may never witness.

Don’t get wrong, we still slaughtered millions of innocent people, jailed some of the most peaceful members of our society, made plants illegal, forced poisoning of children, and foreign wars. But it was a better show. The storyline made more sense. But like every Hollywood production, we jumped the shark some time ago.

All of that aside, however, we are now being faced with the prep work for yet another Western strike against the Syrian government as Boris Johnson, Secretary of State for the U.K., has once again invoked the U.S.-U.K “special relationship” as a justification for a U.K. strike on Syria.

"I think it would be very difficult if the US has a proposal to have some sort of action in response to a chemical weapons attack,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today program.

"And if they come to us and ask for our support - whether it's with submarine-based cruise missiles in the Med... in my view - and I know it's also the view of the prime minister - it would be difficult for us to say 'no'."

He added that he thought the necessity of consulting the Commons “needs to be tested,” saying that the U.K. may simply take unilateral action in concert with the Americans without consulting British MPs.

Johnson has repeatedly blamed the incident at Khan Sheikhoun as a gas attack perpetrated by the Syrian government, a claim that has largely been discredited by researchers and other state actors, and despite the fact that there has been no independent or international investigation of the incident.

Of course, there is little doubt that Britain will follow right behind the United States, having been willing to fight to the last American since World War I, or that it will launch airstrikes or missile strikes against the Syrian government in support of al-Qaeda, endangering the entire world in the process. The only question really is when these strikes will take place and what consequences they might have for the rest of the world.

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