Monday, April 10, 2017

Here's To The Christians

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April 10, 2017
Written on April 10, 2017

I'm back in Damascus from Homs.

All around me are the sounds of church bells in honor of Palm Sunday.

Not 1 kilometer away are terrorist mercenaries who rain mortars on civilians here almost daily, and this part of the Old City is a particularly favorite target.

I wonder, as American Christians sit safely and comfortably in their churches...whether they have any understanding. 

Not much it appears.

If these terrorist groups, supported by the US and our allies, break thru the lines here so close to me, the church bells will no longer ring.

Not only will the minorities get slaughtered, but the Muslims too as our pet terrorists have killed many more Muslims than any other group. Sunnis, Alawites, Christians, Shiites...anyone of good will is targeted for persecution or extinction. 

I was talking with a Sunni friend here whose family fled before ISIS a few years ago. "They will kill us all" she says...meaning anyone and everyone who won't submit to their violent ideology.

So here's to the long will you stay silent? 

How long will you be afraid to share my posts? 

The blood of innocents is on the hands of Americans.

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Janice Kortkamp is a pro-Syrian activist who has traveled to Syria on several occasions to witness the situation firsthand. She has long opposed the U.S. war on Syria and given a number of lectures on the topic. She is an occasional contributor to

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