Monday, April 10, 2017

15km From Trump's Bombs, Syrians Determined To Stay Strong

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoorJanice Kortkamp
April 7, 2017

I am 15km from Emperor Trump's unconstitutional act of war, not just against Syria, but against humanity and civilization.

Came down to the lobby for better wifi connection. The owner greeted me. 

When he saw the tears welling up in my eyes, he brought me to his office, gave me coffee and dates and we listened to the famous singer Fairuz.

And HE consoled ME ... and his son, my son's age, made me promise to smile and not cry. It is ok his father told me. Life will go on. Since the Egyptians so many have tried to control this land. It is the center...the crossroads of the world...east to west, north to south.

Eventually I went back to the lobby for breakfast after his kindness. There were two soldiers there, one was a lawyer before the war. I put my hand over my heart to show my pain at the loss of their brothers in arms. They also were so kind and as they left our eyes met and no words were necessary. Go with God.

I feel at home here and among friends and family of the heart. I feel sorry for those who don't this place and these people.

I have an idea...instead of bombing them, how about you get to know them instead.

Janice Kortkamp is a pro-Syrian activist who has traveled to Syria on several occasions to witness the situation firsthand. She has long opposed the U.S. war on Syria and given a number of lectures on the topic. She is an occasional contributor to

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