Thursday, November 24, 2016

Turkey Claims Syria Attacked Its Soldiers; Claims Disputed By SOHR And Even ISIS

Turkey-Syria-Conflict.jpgBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post
November 24, 2016

Three Turkish soldiers were killed and 10 were wounded as a result of combat operations in Northern Syria on November 24. The Turkish military is blaming Syria but virtually every other observer has disputed those claims including the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a notorious anti-Assad propaganda outfit and even ISIS itself.

Turkey is claiming that its soldiers were killed as a result of an intentional Syrian airstrike as the Turks were allegedly engaged in battle against ISIS forces. However, while the Syrian government has yet to comment on the strikes, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has stated that the soldiers’ deaths have come as a result of an ISIS suicide attack on Turkish forces near al-Waqqah, North-West of al-Bab.

Even ISIS itself, by virtue of its media organization, Amaq, admitted that it had committed a suicide attack near al-Waqqa on Wednesday, release video footage as proof. The video shows an armored vehicle filled with explosives driving toward the frontlines and then exploding, a typical “rebel” tactic.

Turkey’s claims, while apparently false, are incredibly dangerous because the Turks could then use the Syrian “attack” on Turkish forces as a pretext for greater NATO and American involvement since an attack on one NATO member is supposed to be seen as an attack on all. Turkey is, after all, a NATO member. This would possibly provide justification for an American administration eager to have the proper excuse to increase its involvement in Syria to do so under the NATO treaty obligations.

However, it must be remembered that, whether or not the Turkish soldiers were killed by ISIS or by the Syrian Air Force, the Turks are an invading power who have violated Syrian sovereignty and international law by its operations in Syria. The Turks have taken their soldiers’ lives into their own hands and bear the full responsibility for their deaths. It is the right and the duty of any national government to defend its people and its sovereign territory.

Regardless, it appears that this recent event is yet another in a long line of “false flag” events or cleverly opportunistic attempts to justify greater NATO military operations in Syria.

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