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Powerlessness And Accountability

powerlessness consciousness nature volunteeringLanaria Amberkira
September 21, 2016

Op-ed by Lanaria Amberkira, The Netherlands

I often wonder, when I am watching the news, or a documentary, what can I do to end all this misery? When again bombs are thrown, when people blow themselves up and take others with them, when refugees drown, or wash ashore, saved or to be left to their own fate, with little help moving forward, then I ask myself, what can I do?

When Mother Earth shows again how deathly ill SHE is, when old lonely people get little or no attention or care, when hard-working people work longer, harder and for less or the same wages as modern slaves, when there is child labor or child abuse, human trafficking and oppression, where there is no freedom, I ask myself quite often, what can I do???

Volunteer work? Donate to charity? Go into politics? Should I try to help people in Calais, help refugees, or visit old people and possibly help, demonstrate, organize, anywhere and everywhere? I could always write about the abuses, and try to make people wake up. This I could possibly do, but would that change anything at the structural level?

Volunteer Work. Volunteering is a good initiative and i have done it several times and, in the context of one’s own environment, very useful. Especially for lonely old people in need, or individuals with mental/physical disabilities, or just for the neighborhood in general. The problem is time. One has to work too hard in order to have enough time to help. But these important basic necessities such as health care, education, electricity, food, shelter should be properly regulated by the public authorities. Why else do we pay taxes almost all our life and elect our representatives?

Donations to charities.
People are still giving money to charities, but less than before. The problem is that for every euro/dollar there is so little for the real goal because the salaries of the directors are often too high and for an idealistic association. The top yarn of many of these organizations spin with the elite. At the lower levels, however, there is much idealism and many loving passionate people who are really concerned. But because of the nature of those at the top of the organizations, the institutions themselves dissolve into ill behavior.

Once, my wife and I (and my children as we find it important that children are connected to the world and have empathy with it) donated to an organization that professed to support children in Africa. We “adopted” a young boy, sent money every month, and we got to see pictures and even sometimes a letter. But the letters were written by others and were received by those who donated the most to the institution. These were all very good initiatives, ideals, and associations in terms of their professed goals and actions but, ultimately, because of the corrupt directors, everyone (except them) gets screwed.

Go into politics. Haha! I feel concerned with world politics, with the world and with justice but none of this is found in today’s politics. Today’s politicians are puppets of the establishment and the Shadow Government. It is a big wasp’s nest with many massive egos and megalomaniacal personalities. Not to mention the thousands of lobbyists. Politicians are masters at debating. Whether or not it is crooked doesn’t matter, they still talk straight. For them, it is not about the truth, it is about talking. They do not represent the people and therefore they have no right to exist in their positions any longer. I am no master of the word. I prefer truth. Truth requires little words. In addition, politics and power mostly corrupt. Therefore, when you sign up for politics, you have a limited quality date. Where corruption begins, the people must stop it right away and dismiss or expel the corrupt from their communities.

Many are noisy parrots, like Trump, Le Pen and Wilders, Erdogan and many (right,left) populist rabble in Europe, America and the rest of the world, but they also have many supporters. This is somewhat understandable, because they are fed with wrong ingredients. (See old Native American two wolf story), But they represent a life of constant threats, with all the hate, fear, uncertainty, debt, and frustration of the people, whipped up by the noisy parrots.

Why are politicians who make a mockery of the truth so popular ? And why call the same protagonists or key players legitimate because they speak the loudest and then claim that they and only they speak the truth and others all lie? Ignorance has already become a virtue and unfortunately there is a loss of truth and of the facts. The receptive mind makes lies a success.

Calais is not far from here and I am afraid to go there. Afraid of violence and chaos. Since 2001, economic refugees have arrived there and the authorities did nothing about their problems and left them to their fate (again). Now, there are around 10,000 desperate people, with lots of testosterone and adrenaline in their blood. All want their (promised country), Great Britain. This is a hopeless situation. Now, however, they are trying to build a wall.

When war refugees drown or wash ashore on European coasts, it is an outrage. It is amazing, the powerlessness and lack of humanity going all the way up. Where is our humanity? Where is our empathy? No one flees their happy home and warm fireplace for fun. I may bring blankets there and help them this way. But should I do something there? Or should I do something here? Perhaps, when they arrive in the neighborhood, I will sign up for an opportunity to help then.

Our representatives are responsible for this but, unfortunately, they do not take responsibility for their actions and continue to bombard these people over and over. These representatives should be mentioned by name: Daesh, America, Europe, Middle East, Israel, Russia, Saudi Arabia and especially Turkey. Turkey has problems internally and externally that seem unsolvable because of obstinacy, despotism, and pride. And because of Erdogan. A true leader leads the people to prosperity and development but today’s leaders lead the people to suffering.


I find a good way to express your opinion and to vent your dissatisfaction is through demonstration. I have demonstrated in the past and will continue to do so. In fact, I intend to do so along with the Anonymous Million Mask March on November 5 in Amsterdam and many other capitals (all need to join in) but, unfortunately, it has not really helped thus far. Only the Vietnam anti-war protests eventually helped. In 1981 and 1983, half a million Dutch people demonstrated against nuclear weapons. Our former union leader Wim Cook said, “The atomic bombs will NEVER be installed in the Netherlands as long as I have something to say.” Later, he became Prime Minster of the Netherlands. He also took various jobs as commissioner of a bank and other multi-nationals. First, Wim Cook was idealistic and an example to many but finally he was corrupted. Perhaps he was blackmailed. Regardless, the atomic bombs are today still in the Netherlands despite the fact that it is concealed and denied. But, as long as demonstration is a right, I will continue to demonstrate, always in a peaceful unifying way and, of course, for the right cause. The people are many and the elite are few. The people still have all the power if they truly want it.

Other excellent ways to express your opinion

There are organizations such as Care2 and SumofUs who are collecting signatures, also a good way to bring about change. References are also a good way and important means to express and stand up for humanity, the environment, and social developments/changes that affect us all.

I try to write as often as I can but I am not gifted with the pen. Still, I try to wake people up and to write about the possibility of world peace and prosperity for all and not just the happy few. I try to connect, unite as many people as possible in an albeit limited way because I truly believe there is not much time left for a real free world. It is easy to preach to the choir but it is better to hit dissidents and plant a seed which will hopefully come to prosper. So far, I have the feeling that LOVE is the answer to everything.

Defend Mother Earth

This is the essence of our existence. Do we realize how unique and wonderful our planet earth actually is? How special this little planet is in our universe? It is precisely close enough but also just far enough away from our sun to give life. It is accompanied by seemingly endless and unimaginable beautiful stars and solar systems. This tiny planet, Earth, is a paradise of natural beauty to be admired where everything has something to do with everything else. Everything is interconnected and all things need each other. What a marvelous diversity of living beings, truly a “Garden of Eden,” a “Paradise on Earth.” However, some egotistical megalomaniacal greedy individuals view this world and defiantly say “Fuck your earthly paradise.” We are partly to blame, of course, since we as a people are often indifferent, nonchalant, careless, and ignorant. Please realize how truly special and unique is our planet Earth. One small planet where we all live and share the same human DNA. One planet. One human race.

Feeling of Powerlessness

But who am I? I ran away from home at 17. I never finished school. I have no qualifications. I am of middle class origins, without money or influence. I have many good intentions but limited abilities. I am an autodidact and life is my biggest teacher. I know nothing but I am willing to learn along the way. I am just a simple man.

“I just want to feel real love, in the moments that I live in. Too much love of life flowing through my veins.” (Robbie Williams)

People with the right qualities often make the wrong choices. They have big egos. They make the wrong choices and do not focus at all on society outside of themselves. The individual must be in harmony with society. These people also see that the world is going to shit. Why do people who can really do something for humanity, our offspring, and our lovely little planet called earth do nothing? Especially when they are the ones who could bring about real change?

Actual changes can only take place where Love, Respect, Light, and Wisdom are placed at the center.

“It must stop and as I see it, it will only stop when the people, in a peaceful way to force their governments to stop. That’s the only solution, the fundamental question is this,… Have the people the will and understanding that changes are coming from the people and the change will surfe, rather then enslaven them? Or we leave to do the work by our children and grandchildren? ” (George Orwell)

Lanaria Amberkira.

We are united, in love, peace, respect, light and wisdom.

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Lanaria Amberkira. Simply written by a simple-minded man with simple ideas, but perhaps one of Colombus’ eggs. Lanaria Amberkira. Administrator of the page Stop the Selfishness of Greed

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