Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kratom, A Personal Story

800px-Kratom_leafJennifer Aldridge
September 14, 2016

The "emergency" scheduling of M. Speciosa is a gross abuse of power.

M. Speciosa is a mild herbal medicine, with fewer side effects than many prescribed medications, and greater effectiveness than those same chemicals. The tea may compete with the pharmaceutical makers of opiates, ssri's, and narcotics prescribed for anxiety, but with less harm than those dangerous pills. 

I have personal experience with the danger of the psychiatric drugs, having lost years - over half my life - to the physical and mental adverse reactions of such accepted interventions. I was a diligent patient, committed to following the instructions and to using the best modern medicine could allow. Modern medicine failed me and my family. M. Speciosa helped me become a positive, contributing member of my daughter's school community where I tutored children struggling with reading. M. Speciosa also helped me maintain the calm demeanor to maintain a volunteer position in the Girl Scouts. I was able to begin to take post-university classes again, all by stabilizing my PTSD symptoms with a consistent dose of M. Speciosa.

So, why is there a rush to schedule? 

This decision reeks of corruption, with the acting the institution protecting only itself. Consumers should have a choice, beyond harsh and ineffective prescriptions from the physician's office. 

I do not think America needs to be, yet again, on the wrong side of history concerning the War on Drugs, which has decimated generations of families and communities across all socioeconomic and professional backgrounds. The cost in terms of human suffering and lost civic productivity has been enormous, its origins and perpetuation unethical.

The DEA is overstepping its bounds, by declaring war on a new generation of individuals making gentle decisions on behalf of their bodily health.

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