Friday, August 5, 2016

Encirclement Of Aleppo Is Complete As Syria Awaits The Battle For Aleppo

aleppo-tank_0Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
August 5, 2016

Aleppo has now been effectively encircled by the Syrian military. The encirclement is the result of years of heavy fighting between the SAA and the Western-backed terrorists who have managed to control a portion of the city and hold it for the majority of the crisis. The Syrian military has fought long and hard to retake the city with a number of failed attempts at clenching several important strategic sites that would allow it to surround the city over the course of the war.

As expected, terrorists did launch a massive counterattack but were repelled after suffering heavy losses. Some sources put the number of dead terrorists at 800 from this operation alone. Subsequently, the counterattack was abandoned and the terrorist forces located inside the city are now essentially cut off from supply lines and the support of their comrades. So long as any further attempts to break the siege of Aleppo will fail, then it is clear that the terrorist days are numbered.

If there is another counterattack – and we must assume there will be – then the Syrian military must hold the line long enough until the counterattack is repelled before moving to retake Aleppo.

Unfortunately, terrorists maintain a massive presence in the areas surrounding Aleppo and the possibility of a major counterattack to break the SAA encirclement is very real.

The Russians have thus been dropping an immense amount of bombs and missiles in the area, with airstrikes taking place almost by the minute in order to prevent a successful counterattack. Al-Masdar reports that there are nearly 8,000 terrorist fighters ready to launch an assault on Aleppo.

The Russian bombing played a major role in the ability of the SAA to encircle Aleppo in the first place.

Regardless, even if the siege is broken, terrorist forces will be welcomed by a large contingent of the SAA, Hezbollah, Palestinian, and Iranian forces.

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