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The American Corporate Party and the Derailing of Revolution

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 13, 2012

As the Presidential campaigns begin to heat up, it is thoroughly apparent that the vast majority of Americans will once again fall into the trap of political bickering, party affiliation, and personality cults.

One only needs to talk with their friends and family, watch social media sites, or listen to the callers of talk radio to understand that 2012 will be yet one more year where the populace is further divided and conquered by a force that spans both political parties.

Although the reason for the effectiveness of the steam valve known in the United States as elections goes much deeper than the mere greed and corruption of political parties and the complicity of the mainstream media, the fact is that, if we are to avoid a repeat of every other election year in American history and a continued dominance of the status quo, the American people must soon take drastic steps to ensure it.

This, however, is much easier said than done. Most Americans are not truly aware of the levels to which they are controlled as pawns on the political chessboard, much less the lengths to which they are controlled in their culture and personal lives. Yet, even those individuals who are largely awake to the forces directing society are both consistently and easily pulled back into the counterproductive game of political debate and supporting candidates whose best description by their supporters can only be that they are “the lesser of two evils.” Thus, individuals who are aware of larger conspiracies regarding 9/11, world government, Zionism, corporate finance oligarchy, and many others are caught in a web of pointlessly defending a candidate who is wholly owned by the very forces they seek to overthrow.

Generally, this reaction is produced by the inherent evil of the progression of events having taken place during the tenure of the current President or other elected politician briefly in the crosshairs of the exasperated voter. The tragedy of the Bush years was itself enough to produce a revolution of “swarming youth” weary of eight years worth of economic degradation, war, imperialism and a growing police state who now yearned for the “change” they were told would come if they would throw their faith and support behind the supposed opposite of George W. Bush. Yet, after four years of not only a continuance of these very same policies, but an acceleration of them, many are confronted with a similar non-choice in 2012.

While it is true that many on the left will simply not vote for Mitt Romney, it is also true that many on the right – mainstream republicans, conservatives, and even some libertarians – will inevitably go to the ballot box and support a man who embodies the same finance oligarchy, war machine, and austerity measures as the President they so despise. They will, as they put it, vote “NoBama” in 2012. Indeed, after the dismal past four years, it will seem to many of these individuals that almost anything will be better than the current administration.

On the left, however, after watching numerous speeches made by the Republican candidate crying for genocidal spending cuts, confrontation with Russia, and praise for the wealthy, a sizable portion of mainstream Democrats, Liberals, and Greens will be thoroughly frightened into voting for a man who represents what they perceive as an enormous threat. What may have, at first, prompted many of these individuals to simply stay home on Election Day will prompt them to run to the polls and support “their” President who, in turn, embodies these very same principles.

As a result, any shred of principles that the Libertarian/True Conservative and True Liberal/Green crowd may have laid claim to will evaporate as the propaganda intensifies. To support Obama, the left will also support perpetual war, shredding the social safety net, and banker bailouts. To support Romney, ironically, the right will use the very same arguments.

Yet the obsession with the two parties does not begin and end with the Presidential or U.S. Congressional elections. The intentionally divisive party politics continues all the way down to the local level in cities and towns across the country with unwitting voters supporting and opposing policies deemed acceptable by the system which are, in reality and unbeknownst to the useful idiots below, virtually identical to one another.

Regardless of one’s political pedigree, the fact is that there is a real temptation to return to the particular political party tailored to one’s bias during trying times, or when victory seems within the realm of possibility.

Indeed, the ultimate goal of recent political action seems to be centered around the victory of some electable messiah who will enter his office and enact timid and watered-down versions of the desires of those sweating blood for his campaign.

The oligarchy then watches in confidence as the two political parties wait in the wings to co-opt and redirect whatever movement arises, knowing that it will be only a matter of time before whatever legitimate opposition they face will soon fade into the recesses of history. Thus, it is safe to say that every political movement in the country is better off without the Republican or Democratic Parties.

For those on the political right, the most obvious examples of the deleterious nature of the Republican party might be the Ron Paul campaign that, ironically, took place inside of it; and the Tea Party protest movement which raised the eyebrows of the establishment long enough for it to take serious notice.

The amount of energy expended by devoted Ron Paul supporters was, in large part, the sole reason that Ron Paul’s presidential campaign was as successful as it was. Doing more with less, Paul’s campaign was able to take advantage of diehard supporters, activists, organizers, and the Internet to provide (at least at one point) serious contention for the Republican nomination.

Regardless of what one thinks of Paul’s economic theories, or the subsequent cozying up to the Romney campaign and Republican establishment, the fact is that, at every step of the way, the Ron Paul campaign was sabotaged at every turn. Despite Paul having been a legitimate member of the Republican party and a consistently-successful one in terms of elections, Paul’s campaign was represented as an interloper from the Libertarians and was treated accordingly. Again, despite bringing record numbers of young people into the Republican Party, an unfortunate result of his candidacy but one which the Republicans sorely needed, Paul was still ostracized and mocked in the meetings of Republican elites and Party operatives.

Numerous statements were openly made to the press by the Republican Party officials that Ron Paul would not receive the nomination even if he were to win the elections. Voter fraud abounded. When Paul did when the vote, it was not announced to the public until the wind had been sufficiently removed from his sails.

Even after the damage was done and the campaign’s death knell had tolled, the Republican leadership directing the RNC delegate count would not even allow the Paul camp to count the votes in a legitimate fashion as the delegates for Ron Paul were automatically counted as being for Mitt Romney.

Yet the truth is that the campaign was dead on arrival. The Ron Paul Revolution never had any hope. But it was not because the Ron Paul supporters were incompetent or not dedicated enough or even because the campaign was inserting itself into the Republican machine – it was because the campaign sought to become the Republican machine instead of seeking to defeat it. Likewise, it was because the Republican machine sought to consume the Ron Paul Revolution. Once the merger began to take place, with the Paul campaign’s cozying up to Romney, Neo-con Rand Paul becoming the face of the movement, and the obsession with convention speaking slots, recognition as the new face of the party, and other Republican-based trophies, the Ron Paul Revolution became the Republican Co-opt.

Such was also the fate of the Tea Party, ironically, another Ron Paul-related event. Beginning as far back as the tail-end of the Bush years, the Tea Party initially was a dedicated grouping of true Conservatives and Libertarians who were opposed to the Neo-Con ideology. The Tea Party only grew stronger after the election of Barack Obama who both continued and intensified all of the Neo-Con policies under left cover. The Tea Party, however, while of a more right-aligned stance, was neither Republican nor Democrat.

As the movement grew, however, particularly around the time of the debate centering around the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), the mainstream media began portraying the Tea Party as racist, rightwing Republicans. This portrayal became the perception of an entire nation of television fanatics and, eventually, a self-fulfilling prophecy. As more and more rightwing Republicans saw the reports regarding the Tea Party and became convinced that it was, in fact, a grouping of rightwing Republicans, the Tea Party itself became infiltrated by the mainstream Republican contingent that supports the same policies as Barack Obama, yet opposes him only because of the “D” in front of his name.

When the Tea Party made an attempt to infiltrate the Republican Party, it was soon discovered that the Republican Party cannot be used for good in any real sense of mass movement. Coupled with the fact that the Tea Party was being flooded with mainstream Republicans, the demise of the true Tea Party, of which there is very few outposts left and virtually no politically relevant remnants, was only a matter of time. Indeed, it was in very short order that the Tea Party became an organizing platform for Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and Paul Ryan – individuals who are the complete antithesis of everything the Tea Party stood for when it first began.

Thus, as in the case of the Ron Paul Revolution, the Tea Party’s attempt to infiltrate the Republican Party, coupled with the desire to be accepted by it, ultimately resulted in the complete co-opt and absorption of the movement.

As mentioned earlier, however, the act of co-opting a legitimate movement by specific wings of the American Corporate Party is by no means specific to the right. The left-wing branches of organic peoples’ movements have themselves been co-opted and derailed with lightning speed in recent years.

The first and most obvious example of this is the abject failure of the Occupy movement. Indeed, in the case of the Occupy Movement, it is apparent that the culture creators and intelligence community were well-prepared to counter any popular uprising, particularly one functioning as an offshoot of the union protests in the Midwest, movement which itself was derailed directly by the Democratic Party and the opportunists and agents working within it.

When the Occupy movement first began in the fall of 2011 as a semi-organic uprising with populist tendencies, the protesters understood one of the keys to drawing attention through physical demonstration, meaning that one should not leave the area of demonstration until one’s demands are met. For weeks, the protesters in New York and other cities fought inclement weather, typical brutish police, and other poor conditions which come with camping out in city streets. Yet the mainstream media completely ignored the movement. Even as the protests grew to cities all across the country, it was at least two weeks before any mention was made by major news networks.

Because Occupy was crippled by lack of cohesion from the start, there was an inherent inability to form concrete demands for such an effective method of protest. Thus, as it has been stated before, where no leader exists, one will be provided.

The leaders provided were, of course, were organizations like AdBusters, David Graeber, and George Soros’ Open Society Institute and Tides Foundation. The Occupy movement was theneffectively derailed by these organizations and turned into a caricature of social protest with ridiculous methods of decision making such as the General Assembly, hand signals, and an utterly laughable determination to refuse making actual demands. Occupy unfortunately became an exercise in fit- throwing whose biggest moral struggle was for the right to camp in the city park.

With typical opportunism, the Democratic Party soon began repeating the talking points given to Occupy via the Foundations and phony spokesman provided to the movement. As traditionally Democratic-based operative organizations began endorsing Occupy, the movement became more and more focused on Republican treachery and much more tolerant of that perpetrated by the Democrats. In the end, Occupy was reduced to staging protests in support of political correctness and wedge issues, and against vague social ills such as sexism.

Like the Tea Party and Ron Paul Revolution correlation, the derailing of Occupy Wall Street was devised much earlier on with the Democratic Party Co-opt of the Wisconsin pro-union/anti-austerity protests. The Occupy movement was, after all, a development that resulted largely from the fallout of the collective bargaining protests which had erupted in Wisconsin regarding the fascist Governor Scott Walker and his attempt to impose austerity and union-busting programs upon state workers.

What resulted from Walkers’ assault on worker’s hard won rights was a protest movement of unprecedented proportions. As other fascist Governors such as Kasich of Ohio, Snyder of Michigan, and Mitch Daniels of Indiana, began launching simultaneous attacks against workers in their respective states, resistance began popping up in these areas of the country as well. The swelling of opposition to fascism was such that the protests in Wisconsin are, at this point, the largest protests to ever have taken place in Wisconsin.

But it was only a matter of time before opportunists within the Wisconsin Democratic Party began to smell the blood boiling in the veins of the people in the street and began positioning themselves to appear as if they had been in solidarity with them all along.

Yet, unfortunately, one cannot attribute the failure of the Wisconsin resistance entirely to Democratic Party treachery. There was, after all, a desire among many of the protesters to achieve recognition by the Democratic Party to begin with. Others, of course, may have already been attached to the Democrats before the protests even began.

Regardless of the political pedigrees of many of the protesters, the fact is that the protesters were largely successful in putting pressure upon elected officials, particularly Governor Scott Walker, where enough signatures were gathered by protesters and activists so that he was actually recalled and a another vote was required.

However, with such a golden opportunity, everything the protesters had fought for was thrown away when the resistance joined forces with the Democratic Party. As soon as the champion of the Wisconsin protests became former Mayor Tom Barrett, a typical Wall Street Democrat in the mold of the Obama/Romney dichotomy, the revolution had certainly ended. A legitimate stirring of revolution had now become just another divisive political circus with an outcome that would be largely irrelevant in the long run. Barrett lost but, even if he had won, the big tent of the Wisconsin State House would have only substituted one clown for another.

Nevertheless, when the dust had settled, Scott Walker survived his recall challenge, and the right of state workers to collectively bargain was shredded. Even more so, Walker was now able to claim that he was given a mandate – twice – to continue his assault on the living standards of the American people.

In the end, he aforementioned co-opted and derailed movements are only four of many who never truly got off the ground as a result of the pandering to and insidious nature of the two major American political parties.

Thus, one must come to the conclusion from the unfolding of events discussed in this article that any social or political movement that seeks to use or allows itself to be used by the two major political parties is doomed from the start. Indeed, it should be absolutely clear that all social and political movements, whatever they may be, are better off without the Republican or Democratic parties.

While strategic infiltration at times may be necessary at this stage of the game, both the Republican and Democratic Parties are entirely too corrupt to be changed from within and any attempt to do so is simply fighting a losing battle. In addition, it must be understood that neither can any movement cooperate with the two Parties without itself being consumed and co-opted by that respective wing of the corporate oligarchy.

Ultimately, both the Republican and Democratic parties must be absolutely rejected and discarded from any legitimate social or political resistance. It is high time that protesters, activists, and dissenters alike realize that the two parties do not represent potential vehicles for change but a roadblock obstacle to it.

If a political party is a necessary piece of the puzzle to realizing political progress, then an entirely new party must be formed. It cannot be the Republican Party. It cannot be the Democratic Party. And it cannot be the Libertarian or Green Parties. These establishments are over and done with as an effective or even potential vehicle for political change and they are not coming back. That is, if they were ever here to begin with. It is high time for all activists to acknowledge this fact.

It is also time for Libertarians, Union activists, Ron Paul supporters, anti-austerity protesters, and all others to acknowledge that their movements have, heretofore, been completely derailed.

Ron Paul supporters must acknowledge that the Ron Paul Revolution, as an attempt to push Paul into office, is over. In this regard, the Revolution has failed. It absolutely must be realized that the Republican Party was a major factor in the Revolution’s destruction. Likewise for Tea Party activists, it is imperative to understand that your movement no longer exists and that it has been absorbed by the Republican Party. You do not have to desert the principles, but you do have to desert the Party.

Socialists, Greens, Unions, and anti-austerity champions must also acknowledge that the Wisconsin anti-austerity, pro-worker’s rights rallies achieved nothing in terms of political capital. The Democratic Party was the central reason for this failure. Likewise, the Occupy movement participants must realize that Occupy has now become irrelevant as a political force. With a combination of other factors, the Democratic Party has played a role in its demise as well.

Activists taking part in both movements must now sit down and acknowledge the fact that they have been betrayed by their respective political pedigree establishments. Subsequently, they must ask themselves, “How is this the case?” How have movements on the two different sides of the political spectrum been betrayed by their respective parties? The answer should be abundantly clear – because the parties are simply a tentacle of the same governing force that these movements are working so hard to oppose. The parties are only different in their manner of presentation – not in substance. They are both owned by Corporations, Wall Street, Secret Societies, and other branches of the Shadow Government.

There is no saving the Parties and there should no longer be any attempt to do so. These institutions thrive on the hard work of determined activists and, for this reason among many others, determined activists must remove themselves from their midst. You must allow the tired talking points and discredited directors do their own dirty work while pushing yet another repetition of the same system. You must focus on creating an entirely new structure for political change, a feat which can only be accomplished when all ties to the Republicans and Democrats have been severed.

With that in mind, it is wise to be aware of the fact that the most important aspect of a true political change driven by a political or social movement is not just leadership, it is a program. It is the demands of that movement.

Any movement that seeks to accomplish something more than mere television time absolutely must develop a program that provides the participants a goal to strive for and provides those on the fence with a possibility to judge. Any protest without demands is nothing more than a temper tantrum.

No activist can ever be content to simply complain about the state of the current system, he must provide solutions to it. He must be prepared to answer the question of “what will you do differently?” He must be prepared to address the concern which is, simply put, “Once you seize power, what will you do?”

With that being said, it is paramount to understand the goal of protest, activism, and revolution – the seizing of power. As Webster Tarpley has stated on many occasions, “Protest is for wimps. Revolutionaries seize power!”

Indeed, Tarpley is correct. We can no longer take to the streets for a day and hope that our voices have been heard. They haven’t.

We can no longer engage in coordinated action and demand that those in power simply figure out the solutions, whatever they are, and implement them. They won’t.

We must engage in coordinated political action which is sustained and based upon clear and concrete demands.

We must provide the solutions to the system that is currently broken and we must provide an alternative to the system we seek to abolish.

The control system exists because of our cooperation with it and it will end as soon as we refuse to comply.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident. Turbeville has published over one hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at activistpost (at)

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