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FLASHBACK: 9/11 Truth: Now is the Time for Renewed Strength

Brandon Turbeville
September 8, 2011
Like most members of the 9/11 truth movement, I am filled with a mixture of emotions as the tenth anniversary of 9/11 rolls around. Undoubtedly, I feel a sense of anger at such a miscarriage of justice ten years after the criminal act. Clearly, 9/11 should have resulted in the imprisonment of various rogue government officials and intelligence agents, as well as those treasonous members of the military apparatus who betrayed the United States on that day. Instead, it resulted in a vastly increased police state and the bombing and destruction of now six countries. The burden of 9/11, from any and all angles, has been carried only by those who had nothing to do with the attacks and the unfortunate serfs now classified as citizens.

I also feel sadness at seeing my country, which has always had the potential for great things, being destroyed from within. It is horrific to watch as a nation that could lead the world as the model of freedom, productivity, true sustainability, and civilization turn into nothing more than the rotting corpse of fading ideals and the hammer by which the New World Order system is refashioning the world.

Of course, frustration comes to mind as well. The fact that the American people still refuse to admit that they have been completely hoodwinked; the fact that they so immediately dismiss the truth whenever it is presented to them (if it ever is), and subsequently fall into whatever trap is laid in their way is often infuriating. It is, perhaps, the most frustrating aspect of the entire situation. 

 It is extremely disappointing to see so many who at first called the manipulators on their lies, often at a time when it was much more dangerous to do so on many different levels, now retreat to the very weak “I have questions” position, or even that of outright denial and rejection of their original position. 
Yet, most of all, this 9/11 anniversary brings to mind disappointment. My disappointment, however, is more with the 9/11 truth movement itself than it is with the control system and the Big Lie. The fact is, I expect those who perpetrated 9/11 to continue to lie. I expect the criminals to continue to steal money and bomb Middle Eastern and African countries. I expect the liars to maintain the lie as long as they possibly can, and I also expect the average American to resist the basic facts about 9/11.

All of this is frustrating of course. Yet what is infinitely more frustrating is the fact that many of those who vowed to never give up on getting out the truth about 9/11 are now abandoning the cause of truth out of their own frustration and isolation, as well as the desire to assert more politically acceptable positions in the mainstream.

I will not be naming names in this article. I will not be branding people “sell-outs,” “shills,” or “weak” for the decisions that they make in regards to 9/11 truth. There is no need to do so, as most of them already know who they are, and the last thing the 9/11 truth movement needs is more infighting.

This article is not meant to demonize anyone, nor is it meant to minimize the contributions of the admirable people who stood up at a time when it was not popular, even physically dangerous, to do so. The fact that the 9/11 truth movement has even progressed this far is largely due to the courage of some of these individuals who now, unfortunately, choose to remain silent. Indeed, my goal here is not to needle anyone. It is not to minimize any efforts. It is simply to remind you of what you fought so hard and risked so much for years ago. My goal is to convince you not to give up.

I will be the first to admit that the 9/11 truth movement is not winning the argument. We have to be honest with ourselves. But we aren’t out of the fight either. In fact, we are just beginning to fight back. After a great deal of hard work, we are beginning to gain some headway with the hearts and minds of the American people.

The mainstream media reports is being forced to address the “9/11 Conspiracies” now where, previously, anything casting doubt upon the official version was completely ridiculed or ignored. Even the reporters themselves, like Geraldo Rivera, are even beginning to question the official story of 9/11 and, at least, admit that there are some very disturbing unanswered questions dealing with the official version of events. The fact is that more and more people are questioning 9/11 than ever before. Just talk to people on the street and you can easily see that this is the case.

Yes, we are still a minority. But did you really think it would be easy? Did you really think that those who perpetrated 9/11 would simply give up and roll over if only we kept handing out flyers for ten years?

Of course not.

The global control system works on a long-term planning scale. This is why they have been so successful. Yet the people, truthers included, work only on things that we believe we can realistically achieve or see to completion within the scale of our individual lifetimes. This is why we, as a people, have given up on so many good but laborious causes in the past, and it is also why we have failed so many times in our well-meaning endeavors. The control system uses time to its benefit. We do not.

Nevertheless, I cannot say this plainly enough - Now is not the time to give up!

We have just begun to make serious gains in our efforts to see the truth of 9/11 exposed to the general public. And now, when our destination is in sight, far off as it may be, there is talk of quitting? If we are to give up on the realities of 9/11 now, then it would have been better if we never fought to begin with. At least, had we remained silent, we may have been able to avoid the negative attention and found some way to work within the system. If we cease to push for truth now, we have only accomplished making our lives harder than they would have been otherwise. Giving up on 9/11 truth at this stage in the game is the equivalent of tearing down a house with the goal of refurbishing it, only to stop the work once the roof is off and the walls are gutted.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand that it’s hard. It’s particularly hard on those in professional and high-profile positions. It’s hard enough on those of us who are not in high-level positions. But, to use the age-old phrase of apathy, “what can you do?” Such is one’s lot.

I, myself, have spent countless hours and a great deal of money (at least a great deal to me) trying to wake up the masses. I have come home broke, frustrated, tired, and dejected. Ten years after 9/11, I certainly understand why one could be tempted to give up on the movement and move on to greener pastures. The thought has certainly crossed my mind before. But the thought of NOT continuing to fight is much more frightening. To let those who are guilty of the crimes of 9/11 simply win and move on to the next stage of their plan, to me, is unconscionable. Indeed, this thought eradicates any idea of quitting the movement that I may have entertained.

In all honesty, one of my biggest fears regarding the 9/11 truth movement has been that it would begin to fray or that some of its members would become disheartened and disillusioned. I have worried for some time that 9/11 will simply turn into another JFK. By that, I mean the fact that, close to fifty years later, virtually everyone knows that JFK was not killed by a lone nut but, in 2011, very few people seriously care.

We cannot allow this to happen with 9/11.

If it does, then the generation of people who witnessed the attacks, understood them for what they were, and gave up on the truth will have no one but ourselves to blame.

I said the goal of this article was to convince you not to give up. But I want to be clear: I’m not asking you to sacrifice your life. I’m not asking you to sacrifice all your money and time. I’m not asking you to picket or go to jail.

I’m not asking you to save the world.

But I am asking you to try. I’m asking you to do what you can.

What the 9/11 truth movement needs is not a politician. It is not a celebrity or a million man march. What the 9/11 truth movement needs is real people talking to other real people and telling them the truth:

9/11 Was An Inside Job.

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University where he earned the Pee Dee Electric Scholar’s Award as an undergraduate. He has had numerous articles published dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, and civil liberties. He also the author of Codex Alimentarius - The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies and Five Sense Solutions.

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