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Can Prince Charles Save Humans From Extinction?

Brandon Turbeville
September 13, 2011

Prince Charles, who has become known for making ridiculous and inflammatory statements, is now claiming that he is, in fact, an endangered species. Actually, according to him, we all are.

Charles made these claims in a speech introducing his appointment to the position of President of the World Wild Life Fund for Nature, a position his father Prince Philip has also held in the past. Charles went so far as to say that humanity was now facing a “sixth great extinction event – the continued erosion of much of the Earth’s vital biodiversity caused by a whole host of pressure, from the rising demand for land to the corrosive effects of all kinds of pollution.” 

He went on to say that “without the biodiversity that is so threatened, we won’t be able to survive ourselves.”

Essentially, the prince blames the impending extinction of mankind on Climate Change, mass production, high living standards, and the demand for land. His claims, however, while holding a small modicum of truth, are quite deceptive in the way they are presented to the general public.

Indeed, no one can deny that there is at least some truth to what the genetic royal is saying. The Earth is no doubt losing much of its biodiversity as many aspects of the environment are being destroyed by a variety of means. Whether it is over-logging, destructive manufacturing processes, genetic modification, or the dumping of pollutants into the environment, there is absolutely no doubt that we are destroying the planet. The complete denial that human activity affects animal and other environmental life is almost as dangerous as the Gaia worship being peddled by the mainstream media and Eco-Fascists.

However, the responsibility for the issues that Prince Charles raises is noticeably being placed on the backs of the average person (the peasants, as Charles would know them) and not upon those who are actively and knowingly destroying the Earth for their own gain. Indeed, it is the goal of Prince Charles and all the elitists like him to return the average citizen to the living standards of the feudal era, while they themselves reap the benefit of every amenity that modern civilization makes possible. 

It is important to make clear that to say the elite, Prince Charles specifically, want to return the population to the living standards of the feudal age is not exaggeration. In addition to his tireless (pun not intended) campaign to end the use of cars in England, as well as his ludicrous push to convince the public to give up baths, Charles has also suggested that the English begin to consider living in houses made of clay brick and sheep’s wool. Aside from the fact that raising scores of sheep for the purpose of producing insulation is not at all sustainable, since these sheep would no doubt be raised in factory farm conditions, it would no doubt be a very unpleasant experience for the sheep.

In regards to Charles’ war on the automobile, he claims “This kind of public transport-oriented development is fundamental to achieving the ultimate goal of a low carbon community, and it is very likely that such communities, far from being austere, will actually become the sought-after places where people will choose to live and spend their time.” What he fails to mention to the fawning fools who truly believe he is on the side of the environment, however, is that no one will have a choice but to move to these areas, as anyone who resides in the countryside will have no way to travel to work or go to town to pick up supplies.

Of course, this is exactly the goal. Major supercities are to be created in which the general public will be crammed, packed, stacked. Mobility and freedom will be severely limited as transportation to anywhere but work will be unaffordable. Living outside of the major cities, living off the land or off the grid will be made impossible by oppressive environmental laws and policies like Agenda 21 . The beauty and self-sufficiency of the country is reserved only for the rulers like the good Prince and the people that directly serve them personally.

See this video - Planned -opolis

Yet it is not only cars and housing that will suffer under Charles’ wish list of “green” guidelines. Virtually every modern living standard and improvement in hygiene, health, and sanitation ever developed in will disappear for “the good of the earth.”  As reported in the Daily Mail, Charles’ website advised families to “Snub the Tub” and “love their leftovers” in order to save money and reduce carbon emissions. Charles has also encouraged the installation of low-flow appliances “energy-efficient” household equipment in order to reduce the strain placed upon the environment by these apparently burdensome modern living standards.

In all fairness, it should be pointed out that becoming efficient with one’s water and electricity, as well as recycling, reusing, and otherwise simply not being wasteful consumers is not negative in and of itself. Neither is walking instead of driving when the option is there. In fact, this is positive behavior which should be encouraged. But it should be encouraged through positive reinforcement in terms of government and through individuals, communities, and cultures -- not elite parasites like the royal family who only seek to impose austerity on their subjects so there is more to go around for them.

With that being said, one must understand that these statements and campaigns by people like Prince Charles are not for the benefit of the Earth, nor are they for the benefit of the average person. These initiatives are designed to drive down living standards using the environment as an excuse and a scapegoat. The philosophy of “waste not want not” does not apply to people like Prince Charles. It never has and it never will so long as they remain in the positions of power where they now reside.

Keep in mind, while the Prince of Wales is preaching to the general public about carbon emissions and the increasing demand for land, he is busy traveling between his palaces (notice the plural) in private jets or one of his many vehicles. He has no shortage of property to visit due to the fact that the British Royal family (the Queen as it currently stands) is the largest landholder in the world. It is not likely that the prince loves his leftovers as much as the average British subject, nor is it likely that he has snubbed the tub as he has suggested to everyone else.

Indeed, it is obvious that the lives of genetic royalty continues on in much the same manner as it has for thousands of years -- carefree and at the expense of the subjects.

It is, however, somewhat ironic that Prince Charles professes fear at the fact that human species faces extinction. Although his statements are clearly geared to inspire fear in the well-meaning dupes of the World Wildlife Fund and provide talking points to those who understand what the organization really represents, extinction of the human species is no doubt what Charles and his ilk have been seeking for some time. That is, extinction of certain types of humans.

Prince Charles has continuously fear-mongered over the need for population control, specifically in developing countries, even singling out religions (Islam) for the reduction scheme. According to Charles in 2010, extinction was the last thing the human species had to worry about. In fact, only a short time ago, he was claiming that the opposite was the case -- that there were too many of us.

Of course, Charles might argue that his claims were based upon some Malthusian argument that the more people there are, the less resources there are for them.  But the theories of Malthus, no matter how many times they have been resurrected, have proven false over and over again. Indeed, it is not the Malthusian overpopulation scenario that should be feared, but the idea that such a catastrophe might be engineered by individuals who hold these Malthusian ideologies.

Charles has often argued that the increase in population and the subsequent rise in consumerism were destroying the Earth and that religion was one of the main factors in the increasing birth rate. This is because of the inherent opposition that religion -- all of them (except for one) holds toward abortion and sterilization, two of the most popular methods of population reduction. In the recent past, Charles had admonished religion for holding back his Big Idea and called on it to transform itself so that it could, in fact, support the population reduction plans for the good of the Earth.

Religion is not the only institution that Charles has taken issue with. He has also taken on the concept of mass production and industry. Indeed, Charles once claimed that the “soul has been elbowed out” in the drive for economic profit.

Again, as is the case in his most recent statement, the prince claims that the constant drive for economic profit is destroying the Earth, and one could scarcely argue that is not true. But this drive for economic profit regardless of the cost has been, for the most part, initiated and dominated by global corporations that he himself is affiliated with. Charles and the rest of his family no doubt have close ties to countless corporations, although they are hidden through the Bank of England and royal secrecy laws.

Charles’ The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum alone works closely with a great many international corporations, who are themselves major polluters, as well as with numerous Foundations and NGO’s that promote the Global Warming myth.

Indeed, Prince Charles himself is responsible for much of the flawed and unscientific nonsense that propped up the Global Warming scam for so long. He is, after all, a patron of the University of East Anglia’s School of Environmental Sciences which is home to the Climatic Research Unit, the department that was caught red-handed sexing up scientific data, manipulating findings, and persecuting anyone who question the much-touted sacred cow of global warming. 

It is paramount that the reader, environmentalist or not, understand that Prince Charles has no interest in higher living standards. He has no interest in true sustainability or protecting the environment. He certainly has no interest in the health and welfare of the roughly 7 billion people living on the Earth who are not part of his lucky gene club.

Prince Charles, like his father, is obsessed with reducing the population of useless eaters (as we are viewed in their eyes) and commandeering nature for the benefit of himself and his own bloodline.

If the human species becomes an endangered one, it won’t be because we had too many children, took too many baths, or drove our cars. It will be because we allowed people like Prince Charles to regulate our ability to do so.

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Florence, South Carolina.  He has had numerous articles published dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, and civil liberties. He also the author of Codex Alimentarius - The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies and Five Sense Solutions.

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