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Ziad Fadel
Syrian Perspective
September 3, 2018

These are wild and wooly days in Syria.  The Russian Navy is poised to give ground support to the Syrian Army with the missile cruiser, the Ustinov.  (Not named after British actor, Peter Ustinov).  The Russian Air Force is ready to provide air cover out of the now sprawling Humaymeem Air Base which used to be Latakia’s International Airport.  Near Slinfeh, my wife’s home town, are hundreds of committed fighters from Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran.  Their presence has resulted in the closure of one of my favorite Syrian restaurants just west of the town, Qahwat Al-Dhay’ah Al-Mansiyya (The Forgotten Village Cafe).
If the French, British and Americans engineer a false flag event, such as the use of CW, it will not be easy to justify any kind of assault on Syrian government forces while the Russians are so visible militarily.  It is clear today that President Putin wants to bring this war to an end and get his troops mostly back to Russia.  That will not happen unless a campaign to oust the terrorists is begun.  Previous denials by the Kremlin and the Russian Defense Ministry as to the assault on Idlib were meant as red herrings.  The very fact that the 4th Mechanized Armored Division is on the Idlib border alongside the Tiger Force is proof positive that this will not be some “phased invasion”, but, something more like a Syrian “shock and awe” episode.  T-72 tanks and T-90 tanks all are equipped with the Saraab 1 and 2 anti-armored rocket deflecter system and render the TOW platform about as useful as lipstick on an armadillo.
Bristling with arms and top-heavy with manpower,  the Syrian Army is now at its very best.  I am also pleased to inform my readers that members of the FSA who volunteered to fight with the SAA are doing exactly that and have complemented our capabilities with much knowledge about how the terrorists function after training with British and American spooks.  Their role is invaluable and their loyalty is not in question any longer.
Russia is particularly invested in this battle.  It has been instrumental in negotiating terrorist evacuations from a number of areas in Syria bringing the government’s writ to full potency in over 80% of the country’s land.  But, the very presence of so many Chechens, Daghestanis and Uzbekis is a reminder that the disease can only spread if you don’t extirpate it.  China, too, has an interest in making sure the hundreds of Uighers don’t manage to repatriate in Jinkiang Province where the training they have received in Syria from the Turks won’t haunt a generation of Chinese soldiers.  The Chinese want to see the Uighers exterminated.
But, the U.S., Britain and France, want just the opposite.
For one thing, these savages could find their way to Europe or the U.S.  In addition to that fear is the fact that the West wants this war to linger.  The West is terrified by the prospect of Iranian natural gas flowing to the Syrian coast and, then, to Europe where American influence is expected to wane in the face of a new kind of reliance for energy.  The East will rise and he West will sink.  This is the prediction being circulated by the intelligence agencies in Washington.
And don’t count out Saudi Arabia and their Emirati cohorts.  The very idea that Qatar has bought into the Trans-Iraqi/Syrian pipeline is absolute anathema to them.  While it is true that the Saudi military is ill-equipped to lock horns with the Russian Bear, the Iranian Peacock and the Syrian Lion, they could still invade Qatar using the conflict in Syria as cover.  Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s derriere about Qatar and dream of seeing all members of the Al-Thaani clan hanging from meat hooks.  But, that’s where Turkey comes in.
Turkey is the wild card.  Yet, here’s what we know.  Its president is a card-carrying member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Qatar is an Arabian Grand Duchy of Fenwick which is not bankrupt.  The 15 billion dollars promised to cash-strapped Turkey will not be forgotten by Erdoghan creating a de facto military alliance between the two countries.  Qatar is committed ideologically and religiously to the extremism of the MB and its military arm, the Hay`at Tahreer Al-Shaam, or the Al-Nusra Front or Al-Qaeda – it matters not what the nomenclature might be – it’s all one and the same.  Now the big question:  WILL TURKEY BLOCK ASSISTANCE FROM THE WEST TO THE TERRORISTS IN IDLIB?  We know Qatar will be deeply invested in saving Alqaeda’s bacon (pardon the expression) and will use its vast vault of cash to implement policies designed to keep the terrorists afloat in Syria.  But, will Turkey tamp down that zeal?
I just don’t know.
I do know this: the Russians do not want any deals with the foreign terrorists. The Ruskies want them dead.  All dead.  This means that an offer from Turkey to permit the terrorists to leave for their homelands will be viewed by Vladimir Putin and Ramzan Kadyrov as a nonstarter.  They will have none of it.
Al-Mushayk and Jooreen Area:  Yesterday, the SAA’s artillery destroyed several launch pads belonging to the so-called”Turkistaan Party” on the eastern slope of Syria’s Ghaab Valley – Syria’s Bekaa.  The number of killed or wounded is estimated at between 5 and 10 and all fortifications were completely destroyed by today.
Al-Lataamina Rodents from “Kataa`ib Al-‘Izza” were killed here as they were shaking down some villagers for money.  One of them has been identified as notorious pederast:  ‘Abdu ‘Imaad Al-Habeeb.
Al-Surmaaniyya and Al-Qarqoor:  precision artillery on Nusra in the forests surrounding this area right on the border of the two provinces destroyed several rocket launchers as confirmed by intercepted terrorist communications.
Khirbat Al-Naaqoos:  2 pickups with 23mm cannons were set ablaze by direct hits from SAA artillery.
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