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New UN Report On Syria Same As Old Report On Syria

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Brandon Turbeville
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Three years into the tragic and completely avoidable catastrophe that has taken place inside Syria, the Anglo-American establishment continues to refuse to abandon the propaganda narratives and false accusations made against Bashar al-Assad and Syrian government forces. Being forced to grasp at straws for some time now as the erroneous claims made against the Syrian Army have fallen apart time and again, the Anglo-American powers, in concert with their Middle Eastern puppet states and United Nations global government structure, now appear to be doing nothing more than throwing accusations against the wall in order to see what sticks.

In a recently released report by the United Nations entitled “Report of the Secretary-General on children and armed conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic,” the UN, with contributions and quotations from Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, ridiculously attempts to place the blame for the tremendous loss of life inside Syria on the back of the Syrian government. Indeed, the report does its best to attribute the vast majority of the death and destruction that has befallen the Middle Eastern nation to the Syrian military and Bashar al-Assad.

As the UN website states,
The present report highlights that use of weaponry and military tactics that are disproportionate and indiscriminate by Government forces and associated militias has resulted in countless killings and the maiming of children, and has obstructed children’s access to education and health services,” Mr. Ban writes.

Government forces have also been responsible for the arrest, arbitrary detention, ill treatment and torture of children. Armed opposition groups have been responsible for the recruitment and use of children both in combat and support roles, as well as for conducting military operations, including using terror tactics, in civilian-populated areas, leading to civilian casualties, including children.
It adds that opposition forces recruited and used both in support roles and for combat, while Government forces used children as human shields. It notes that during the first two years of the conflict, most killings and maiming of children were attributed to Government forces, but mainly due to increased access to heavy weapons and the use of terror tactics opposition groups increasingly engaged in such acts in 2013.
“Armed opposition groups also engaged in the summary execution of children,” it says, reporting that lack of access, including for security reasons, prevented the UN from systematic documentation.
Schools and hospitals have been disproportionally targeted by all parties, with indications that Government forces were the main perpetrators of attacks against hospitals and other health-care infrastructure, mainly opposition-run makeshift health facilities and of threats and attacks against medical personnel, according to the report.
Of course, this ludicrous accusation is accompanied by no evidence to back it up. In fact, virtually all of the West’s claims regarding alleged “crimes against humanity,” “torture,” and “indiscriminate killings,” on the part of the Syrian military were also found to be baseless. From the Houla massacre to the Ghouta chemical weapons attacks, the Syrian government has been exonerated by all credible evidence.

Claims stating that the Syrian government is responsible for the use of children as “human shields” are illogical on their face simply because of the fact that the Syrian opposition, made up largely of mentally deficient religious fanatics, is notorious for the murder of children and innocent people. It is thus not believable to suggest that the death squads would be so concerned with the welfare of these children as to preclude them from attacking Syrian forces simply because of the presence of children.

Likewise, and almost equally unbelievable, is the assumption that the Syrian government would expect this to be the case. To date, there has been no credible evidence linking the use of children as human shields to the Syrian military. The latest UN report is simply attempting to build upon an earlier UN report, also of an unreliable and dubious nature, which made similar claims in 2012. The 2012 report was also largely based on interviews and the “activists say” school of journalism which can be translated to mean “death squads say.”

Second, noting that “most killings and maiming of children were attributed to government forces” in the first two years of the conflict, the UN is engaging in clever wordplay in order to promote a false narrative. This is because, while most of these atrocities were indeed initially attributed to the Assad government, subsequent evidence emerged demonstrating that the perpetrators were in fact the death squads themselves. Furthermore, the report and assessments of the attribution of civilian deaths simply make no distinction between civilians caught in the crossfire between military forces and foreign-backed death squads. In the eyes of the UN, all dead civilians were killed by Assad.

The report goes on to assert that government forces were mainly responsible for the destruction of hospitals and other “health-care infrastructure” a claim that is only true if one is counting the attempts by the Syrian military to retake hospitals, clinics, and the like back from the hands of the death squads, operations which are, admittedly, very likely to create “collateral damage” in the form of human lives. While Syrian forces have attempted to spare as many civilian lives as possible in most operations, it is also true that government forces have refused to be held hostage by the possibility of civilian deaths to the point of paralysis. Still, the “collateral damage” of civilian deaths are reported as if they were intentionally committed for the purpose of killing Syrian civilians in the first place. This idea is, of course, ludicrous, as is the claim that the Syrian military would seek to destroy its own medical infrastructure for reasons of mere oppression.

Still, it is important to note that much of what the UN describes as medical infrastructure are actually “opposition-run makeshift health facilities” which are, in other words, death squad medical tents. Many of these facilities across the country were indeed operated by organizations such as Doctors Without Borders under the pretext of humanitarian aid.

Although this article will not attempt a point-by-point rebuttal of the UN report, it is important to note that the report states in its own summary that “the present report notes that the country task force remains constrained by serious security and access limitations that present a challenge to the effective monitoring, verification and reporting of grave violations against children inside the Syrian Arab Republic.”

This statement, in and of itself, can be taken as a very clever but important qualification of the accuracy of the claims made by the United Nations. This is because, much like Western media outlets, the UN has often relied upon reports by “activists” (aka death squads) and other entirely unreliable sources in order to blame atrocities on the Assad government. The report admits in its opening sections that the information contained therein is almost entirely based on “ interviews conducted by the United Nations, including numerous accounts from Syrian refugees.”

While it is reasonable to protect the identities of the individuals reporting such crimes (if they did, in fact, take place), the report’s shadowy “witnesses” only draw parallels to previous Western reports blaming crimes against humanity on the Assad government which were themselves merely based on interviews with alleged victims who were actually part of the death squad operation. Even then, these reports, which were simply conducted via telephone or Skype, were reported as undeniable fact in the Western press.

As Tony Cartalucci wrote in July 2012 in regards to a very similar set of claims coming from Human Rights Watch,
The dubious nature of the sources the conveniently timed report is based upon is only surpassed by the level of acute hypocrisy exhibited by the West, who not only has been accused itself (and admits openly) of maintaining a policy of torture, but carries out said policy on a global scale, and have been doing so, by their own account for at least a decade. Readers perusing the HRW report might mistaken it as a throw-back to America’s occupation of Iraq, where US soldiers were photographed raping prisoners, torturing them with battery acid, and indeed torturing and sexually abusing minors. Readers not carefully examining the report may also be confused as to whether or not the report concerns the Syrian government, or the so-called “Free Syrian Army” which HRW has already conceded is likewise carrying out widespread torture, kidnapping, and mass murder.
The report, in reality, is the latest chapter of a nefarious, premeditated propaganda campaign aimed at perpetuating the violence and instability in Syria in hopes of finalizing the West’s long-planned “regime change” and the installation of a Western proxy-client state. Such war propaganda is a crime against world peace, as determined by the Nuremberg precedent.
Indeed, while Cartalucci’s statements were aimed at a separate but similar report two years ago, the same sentiment is entirely appropriate to reiterate with the release of the recent UN report.

It is highly ironic that, in perusing the claims made by the United Nations against the Assad government, each and every assertion made by the UN report can also be attributed to the death squads operating inside the country with documented proof. In fact, the attribution of these war crimes need not be based on simple interviews with alleged victims but by direct video evidence of death squad atrocities recorded and circulated for public consumption on the part of the death squads themselves.

With the recent debacle regarding Ban Ki-moon’s entirely incompetent (at best) and provocative (more likely) retraction of an invitation to Iran to participate in the Geneva II peace conference despite the nation’s clear interest in the outcome of the negotiations while, at the same time, including nation’s wholly separated from the inner workings of the middle eastern conflict as well as Moon’s insulting attempt to stifle Syrian Foreign Minister Walled Muallem’s eloquent speech during the opening statements of the conference, the United Nations has completely lost whatever legitimacy it may have laid claim to.

If the United Nations were truly interested in brokering peace, the first step would be to call on all foreign parties to the Syrian conflict to immediately cease funding death squad operations inside Syria. Brokering peace, however, is not the aim of the United Nations.

Make no mistake, the UN is on the same Path to Persia as the rest of the Anglo-American empire.

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