Friday, October 25, 2013

FLOW OF WISDOM: The Road to Damascus, Syria breakdown, staged attacks and more with Brandon Turbeville

Sean Anthony
Flow of Wisdom

First it was the Government shutdown and now its the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.  Just because the media is not talking about Syria don’t  think that some deals are not being made. Several big meetings have been taking place here recently. Read, President Obama meets with Pakistani prime minister in attempt to ease tensions

But notice how more and more Americans are beginning to realize that the political rhetoric being performed on the global stage is getting played out. The people spoke out against an attack on Syria.  And of course the corporate media released propaganda to the U.S. reporting only what they were instructed to.

That is why my hat is off to the true journalist that stick their neck on the line to get “the real story.”

Especially the journalist within the corporate media structure. Do not believe that everyone in the mainstream media is apart of the elite’s agenda. Some recognize what’s going on and continue to push the envelope and eventually break off. Hence, Ben Swann.

This is my latest interview with Brandon Turbeville. He called in to give me an update and some new insight on Syria.  He also has a new book, which you can get here, The Road To Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault On Syria

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