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New Death Squad Massacre Reported in Syria

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
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August 7, 2013

In what has become commonplace, yet another report has now surfaced regarding a massacre of innocent civilians by al-Qaeda death squads in Syria. According to reports from Al-Alam News, an Iranian news agency, approximately 330 men and women have been murdered along with 120 children in Tal Abyad, a district of northern Syria. The majority of the victims appear to have been Kurdish.

The perpetrators of the attack were allegedly members of the Jabhat al-Nusra Front, a terrorist organization which has been active inside Syria for some time and one which has clear ties to both the CIA and Turkish intelligence. [1]

Al-Alam aired what RT described as “horrific uncensored footage from the scene,” although RT has stated that it has been unable to confirm the authenticity of the footage as of yet.[2]

At this time, neither the Syrian government nor the death squads have confirmed the reports coming from Al-Alam. However, RT was able to contact a number of sources inside Syria, including several Kurds, who confirmed that fighting in their areas had been increasing.

Yasin Tarbush, a relative of one of the victims of the death squad atrocity, stated to RT, “The al-Nusra militants and other rebel forces surrounded the village. They started going door to door, entering every house. If there were any men, they killed them and took the women and children hostage.”

Kurdish journalist Barzan Iso, in an interview with Irina Galushko of RT, confirmed some of what the Iranian news agency has reported and lent credence to what Al-Alam has claimed. He said, “Al-Qaeda started attacking Kurdish villages on the 19th of July. After these attacks they kidnapped many Kurds. We don’t have a specific statistic.” Iso also pointed out that many of these areas are controlled by the death squads, who do not allow Kurds to gather information or investigate.

Iso also stated,
Since the beginning of the events in Syria, the Kurds tried not to be a part of the civil conflict…there are non-Muslim Kurds, as well as Alawite Kurds – that’s why they tried to be away from [it]. But now, some of the opposition groups are using al-Qaeda and al-Nusra to attack Kurds. The main cause is that they have the mentality of radical nationalists. That’s why they are using al-Qaeda as an umbrella to attack the Kurdish people.
The Kurdish population appears to resent the death squads as much other Syrians, even though the Kurds have attempted to remain as neutral as possible in generalized terms since the beginning of the conflict. Recently, however, Kurds have beenmobilizing armed militias in an attempt to defend their territory and neighborhoods from “rebel” assaults.

After the assassination of Isa Huso, a prominent Kurdish leader, Kurdish groups such as the YPG (Committees for the Protection of the Kurdish People) have been calling for Kurdish defiance of the death squads. For instance, a statement posted to the YPG website read, “We call on the Kurdish people ... to step forward ... Anyone fit to bear arms should join the ranks of the Committees for the Protection of the Kurdish People [YPG] and to face the assaults of these [jihadist] armed groups.”[3]
In addition to the reports made by Al-Alam, the news agency Suriya al-Ain has reported that the death squads are executing Kurdish prisoners as “revenge on the Kurds, for defeats inflicted on them.” 

Furthermore, RT states, “One week ago, al-Nusra militants attacked two Syrian towns, taking around 200 civilians hostage. It was reported that all of those abducted came from the families of soldiers of the Kurdish Brigades who were previously part of the opposition Free Syrian Army, but later defected to the Kurdish Self-Defense forces.”

As Charles Lister of IHS Janes, a firm which is monitoring the Syrian crisis, has stated,
The victory [i.e. the taking of an important military airport in northern Syria] again underlines the leading strategic impact being played by militant Islamists, particularly in northern Syria. Every major offensive in northern Syria this year has been announced, led and coordinated by Islamists.

Colin Cavell, a political scientist at Bluefield State College in West Virginia, was even more blunt in his analysis when he stated to RT,
Right now most of the American people are very unclear about exactly what is going on. Our media kind of keeps it down low on one end, and on the other end it says we are supporting moderate democratic opposition, which is hilarious to anybody who is following this. We are supporting Al-Qaeda-linked Jihadists, who are massacring people.

Cavell is, of course, correct. Indeed, by this time, it should be abundantly clear to anyone who is observing the Syrian crisis that the so-called “rebels” are nothing more than terrorist death squads, religious fundamentalists, and mercenaries, all of whom have been founded, organized, trained, armed, and directed by Western powers. [4]

The war taking place inside Syria is not a civil war, nor is it a rebellion.

It is an invasion.


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