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Are The Egypt Protests A Foreign Propaganda Campaign?

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
August 15, 2013

With recent reports[1] coming out of Egypt regarding the death of close to 150 people as a result of the Egyptian military’s and security forces’ crackdown on “protesters,” the temptation to react with horror and revulsion toward the Egyptian government is justifiably real. However, considering the recent history of African and Middle Eastern internal politics (i.e. Libya, Egypt, Syria, etc.) and, in particular, the track record of Western mainstream media outlets, it would be wise to hold such emotions closer to the vest until the full story regarding the Egyptian violence is made known.

While Western media outlets have touted the violence in Egypt as a violent crackdown against “peaceful protesters,” readers must be reminded of the claims made against the Assad government of “violent crackdowns” against “peaceful protesters” who were anything but peaceful and even crossed the threshold of violence designating them as protesters. In reality, the “protesters” were largely made up of religious fanatics, foreigners, mercenaries, snipers, and other forms of armed mobs that eventually took shape as guerrilla military brigades, i.e. – death squads[2] - facts which the Western media conveniently left out of their reporting.

Of course, any government, particularly one led by a military fresh on the heels of a counter-coup, is quite believably capable of launching an unwarranted violent crackdown on protesters demanding the former leader be re-instated. However, considering the track record of the Western media, Western-backed destabilization campaigns in the Middle East, and the Muslim Brotherhood itself, there several points that must be examined in order to make an informed decision regarding the events transpiring in Egypt.

1.) Are the protests truly peaceful?

As mentioned above, the constant repetition of claims of military violence against “peaceful protesters” hearkens back to the destabilization efforts against Ghaddaffi’s Libya[3] and Assad’s Syria. These campaigns were being conducted not by peaceful protesters who desired freedom from an oppressive government, but by groups of individuals largely made up of heartless killers, religious fundamentalists, and mercenaries. The “protesters” were armed from the beginning and they were never peaceful.

With this in mind, it is important to remember that the Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Egypt have themselves been caught in numerous violent acts, such as firing weapons[4] at Egyptian police after the ouster of Morsi and even throwing political opponents off of rooftops.[5]

2.) Why would the Egyptian military and security forces fire on protests now?

The Egyptian army and police were lauded by protesters all across the world for standing with the Egyptian people on two occasions – once during the protests against Mubarak[6] and recently during the protests against the IMF puppet Morsi.[7] Both times, the Egyptian military stepped in to the fray, sided with the protesters, and refused to fire on the Egyptian people filling the streets. Why, then, would the Egyptian military suddenly change course after having seized power yet again as a result of popular demand and finding itself in the process of forming a working civilian government, beginning firing indiscriminately at peaceful protesters? While certainly not outside the realm of possibility, such tactics seem to represent an abrupt and rather illogical shift in a previously populist strategy.

3.) Are the claims of military and security force violence exaggerated?

Only one week ago, I wrote an article entitled, “Muslim Brotherhood Propaganda Film Exposed,”[8] where I discussed an attempt by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to organize a fake demonstration complete with camera crews whose purpose was to photograph the “demonstrators” pretending to march on the streets of Egypt and portray this demonstration as real. What’s more, the “demonstrators” paused in mid “march” in order to assume dramatic poses showing angry faces and injured “protesters.” Bandages and fake bloodstains were brandished for effect as well as actors posing as doctors who pretended to be treating the wounded.

These images, had they not been revealed, would have undoubtedly found their way to the television screens of millions of Westerners, the most propaganda-susceptible population in the world, resulting in a public perception of yet another group of freedom fighters and oppressed people being abused by their government. Thus, one must wonder, are the images the Western public is currently being force-fed actually real, or is this yet another media propaganda campaign designed to direct public support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?

4.) Were the military and/or the security forces acting in self-defense? Were they attempting to put down a violent assault?

Assuming that 149 people were indeed killed in the scuffle between the Egyptian military/security forces and the Muslim Brotherhood supporters, is it possible that the Egyptian forces were merely responding to violent antagonism on the part of the protesters? Has the question even been asked by any of the mainstream media outlets regarding who was the initiator of violence?

Indeed, the wording of the reports produced by mainstream outlets are cleverly constructed to imply that the shooting was initiated by the Egyptian military and police, but virtually all of them stop short of making this claim. Instead, reports mention that the security forces approached the protest line with sticks and dark uniforms and that they then fired tear gas at the protesters. Interestingly enough, the Egyptian police and military seem to have acted in the same manner as American police typically do when responding to much less serious events.[9]

Regardless, the reports only state that, after the shooting started, “wounded and dead lay on the streets near pools of blood.” Despite the obvious intended implications of the reports, however, it is unclear as to which side actually began firing live ammunition.

It is, of course, imperative that the Western public side with any people who are fighting for their freedom and their own self-determination. However, it is also imperative that the Western public not outsource their brains to a media machine which has lied to them on almost every occasion, either telling half-truths, quarter-truths, or the exact opposite of the truth entirely. If Western media outlets have been proven liars regarding Egypt, Libya, and Syria, what logical reason would any observer have to believe that they would not do so again?

Thus, with the track record of Western media outlets in mind, until the case against the Egyptian government is proven, it is important to look at every possible aspect surrounding the unfolding violence in Egypt in order to discern the truth.


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