Friday, April 19, 2013

ALERT: Victim of Family Court, Katerina Jeleva, Seeks to Uncover Utah Gov't Child Kidnapping

Activist Post

Brandon Turbeville has been documenting the harrowing case of Katerina Jeleva who was separated from her son through the Utah family court system.

Through the tenacity of Katerina and the support of Brandon and activists everywhere, she has survived her lengthy custody battle and is waiting to be reunited with her son any day now.

Her battle is far from over, however. As she awaits the final outcome of her own case, she is asking others who have been victimized to come forward. Specifically, if you have your own case, or have any knowledge of cases involving sexual allegations prosecuted by or that otherwise involved attorney Jere Reneer of Reneer & Associates, Provo, Utah Katerina would like to hear from you.

This is a full-scale investigation. Please contact Katerina at, so that she can assist other mothers and fathers who have been put through a similar ordeal to her own.

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