Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brandon Turbeville on the Region 10 Report - Region 10 Report – Episode 14 Susanne Posel with Brandon Turbeville on Codex Alimentarius EPA UDSA FDA Destruction of Health and Food Worldwide

Click here to access Brandon Turbeville's appearance on the Region 10 Report with Susanne Posel.

(From Occupy Corporatism) - In Episode 14, Susanne Posel and Brandon Turbeville speak at length about Codex’s formal origins in the world, and the various faces it has had over the years and what led to its global dominance of the entire developed world since early 1963 when it had been embedded into the United Nations and thereby forced into 180 countries and climbing.

We cover what the effects of this group are in various countries; including the destruction of natural vitamins, nutrients and natural foods while replacing these with GMO foods and useless supplements. In addition, we cover the disgusting condition of the modern food supply the world over, including forced radiation of your food, insects, rodents, manure, internal fluids, dirt and a whole lot more. Population Reduction and centralized dependency on the corrupted governments of the world are leading hundreds of millions to seek help from the very Pharmaceutical companies that spend billions to lobby national leaders and corporations to create these deadly food conditions and make hundreds of billions in profit while the agonizing death toll rises daily.

Access the show (Episode 14) here. 

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