Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brandon Turbeville on United Front Radio

Listen to Brandon Turbeville's interview with Adam Rodriguez of the United Front Against Austerity on UFAA radio.

Click here to access the interview.

In this, the second interview of United Front Radio, we interview Blogger, Author, and Radio host Brandon Turbeville. Brandon is the Author of several books, most notably Codex Alimentarius: The End of Health Freedom, which we discuss with him at length in our interview.

Codex Alimentarius, or “Book of Food” is a collection of internationally accepted codes and standards administered and enforced by the World Trade Organization under such innocuous sounding euphemism’s as “Harmonization” or “Codex Compliancy”. Brandon exposes the sinister nature of some of these guidelines, and the method of enforcement the WTO, along with the United Nations, and the World Bank use to force sovereign nations to adhere to a set of standards administered and crafted by individuals who have conflicting interests with the policies they create.

We also discuss the potential of Codex Alimentarius as a Wedge Issue within the broader context of the current depression as expressed by United Front’s Economic Demands, and how to solve the problems posed by such WTO and Codex.

Brandon’s Radio Program can be found at, and some his writings can be found at

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