Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Five Sense Solutions

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July 28, 2011

Activist Post writer, Brandon Turbeville, has just released his third book: Five Sense Solutions. Brandon is known for his detailed research in the area of Codex Alimentarius, which was the subject of his first book. His second book, 7 Real Conspiracies presented facts about the overall global agenda of control. Now, after issuing two books as a wake-up to the magnitude of the problems we face, Mr. Turbeville presents the first book of its kind filled with real-world solutions.

Five Sense Solutions is, as the title suggests, a book devoted to solving the problems we face as a nation. While much criticism can be made about the direction in which our country has been heading, this book goes beyond the orchestrated blame-game of the political arena and instead focuses on concrete, legitimate solutions that can help us to regain our lost independence.

Five Sense Solutions should be used as a handbook and a roadmap for political progress, as well as a set of goals for political achievement and personal freedom. It is essential that when making demands you must first know what it is you are demanding. Five Sense Solutions is our list of demands and a tool for focusing positive energy toward creating a more just and prosperous society. In this book you will find sound solutions for:

Economy: Bailouts, fictitious capital, housing and financial crisis, inflation, trade agreements, taxes, government waste, illegal immigration.

War and Foreign Policy: The six current wars, covert ops, destabilization campaigns, peacekeeping missions, torture, China, Israel, NATO, United Nations, the role of the War on Drugs domestically and internationally.

Civil liberties and Human Rights: Programs that must be abolished or revamped, legislation to recognize and reaffirm civil liberties and a culture of freedom, purging unconstitutional laws, surveillance, executive power.

Animal Rights: Realizing the connection between the treatment (and health) of animals and the treatment of humans, ending factory farming, banning of all practices that cause undue pain and suffering — including the “entertainment” industry.

Race, Sex, and Culture: The culture of political correctness, abortion, equal pay for equal work, LGBT communities, legal issues.

Health, Healthcare and Consumer Choice: Health and food freedom, product labeling, genetic engineering, toxins in food/water/agriculture, corporate interests, Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid, alternative therapies.

The above issues, and many more, form the foundation of this treatise to freedom and individuality. If you have become disillusioned with the full spectrum of problems we face, then this book is especially for you. Five Sense Solutions offers the full-spectrum solutions that America needs at this critical time in history. More people than ever before have awakened to the truth — and the current system of corruption is terrified. Now is the time to demonstrate what humanity is capable of and assert a positive message of change. Please help spread the word.

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