Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Syrian First Lady Undergoing Cancer Treatment, Syrians and Admirers Show Outpouring Of Support

Brandon Turbeville
August 8, 2018

The media office of the Syrian Presidency announced on August 8 that First Lady of Syria, Mrs. Asmaa al-Assad had begun the initial stage of treatment for a malignant breast tumor. Thankfully, the tumor was discovered early.

“Strongly, confidently and faithfully, Mrs. Asmaa al-Assad started the first stage of treatment of a malignant tumor in the breast which was discovered in its early stage,” the office said on its Facebook page.

The announcement stated that Mrs. Assad is receiving treatment at one of the military facilities in Damascus city.

An outpouring of support for the First Lady has erupted across the internet both from Syrians in Syria and by her supporters abroad. One such statement of support came from Syrian analyst Afraa Dagher who wrote on her social media page:

Syrian first lady you are in our hearts. Syrians wish a quick recovery to the lady of Jasmine,  lady of the homeland, lady of peace and courage. Syria's first lady Mrs Asama Al-Assad is under treatment for a malignant breast tumor caught in its early stages and, according to Sana news and official presidency page , Mrs Asama is getting treatment in a Syrian military hospital. We should not worry for our brave lady. She is used to facing odds of defeat and difficulty.  She is a lady of Syria  and she faced the war on the country by steadfastness, wisdom, and courage. 
She belongs to “this people who taught the world steadfastness, strength and how to face their difficulties...”

Lady Asmaa gives her love and care to all Syrians, and she is careful to keep Syria civilized and open to all new sciences like Europe where she herself studied. She established important institutes for developing the next generation with high skills, at the same time she cares for disabled and autistic children. She is stands hand in hand with her people from every walk of life in this war in order to defend Syria. In peace, she stands with them to build Syria's knowledge and skill as well as the bricks that have been destroyed during war. We trust that our first lady will defeat this illness as she is used to overcoming all obstacles in the past. Syrians love you blessed lady of Jasmine.

Indeed, we send our warm wishes for a speedy recovery to the Syrian First Lady.

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