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Bilderberg Foreign Security, Employee Rules, Prostitutes, and Protester Arrests

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
June 4, 2012

I arrived in Chantilly, Virginia on Saturday June 2 around 9:45 am. After hearing so many reports of intense enforcement of jaywalking/traffic laws in the area near the Westfield Marriott, and because the only “safe” parking area was so far away, we were forced to make the trek of about a mile to a mile and a half from our lot to the main entrance of the hotel.

The actual “main” entrance for ordinary purposes, which leads to the Marriott parking lot, was completely sealed off by the police, complete with traffic cones, patrol cars, and police tape. No vehicles were coming through this entrance and there were also no protesters at this entrance at the time we passed by. Thus, we moved on to the “main” entrance where Bilderberg attendees had been arriving throughout the weekend and where all the protesters had gathered. Thankfully, after some discussion, some did eventually make their way to the first entrance, equipped with cameras and recorders in case there were attendees who planned to arrive through this gate in addition to the one they had been using previously.

Foreign Security
As we made our way around the property, Bilderberg security guards, usually dressed in blue/grey shirts and black pants, would slowly walk parallel with passersby as they made their way to the rest of the group. Obviously, security was made up of individuals from all of the represented nations as is customary at Bilderberg.

Alex Jones and Jim Tucker both reported being confronted by a tall Northern European woman who told them there were “machine gun nests” in the woods surrounding the hotel.

I, myself, personally heard the security radio of one of the guards walking parallel with us speaking a language that sounded like French, at least to my ear.

Bilderberg Insider Information
Even though I made the trip at the very last moment, as luck would have it I was able to speak with an individual inside Bilderberg about what the individual had witnessed. Unfortunately, the information I received revealed nothing that those following the various alternative media outlets like The Intel Hub and Infowars didn’t already know.

Nevertheless, the individual did confirm to me that workers employed during the meeting were not allowed to look the attendees in the eye or address them unless they were addressed themselves. The source told me that none of the employees or contractors were given the names of the attendees. I was also told by this individual that Dutch Royalty did indeed attend the meeting.

Again, all of this information was widely known beforehand. However, this shows that many who have been hired to work the event are becoming increasingly indignant about being forced to behave as dogs in the presence of genetic royalty.

Police Presence
The police presence was heavy, although they did largely stay out of the direct area inhabited by the protesters.

Obviously, police were massed around the entrances. However, other police were located across the road with binoculars which were used to watch the protesters as well as to look down the road, either for incoming activists or Bilderberg attendees.

One police officer continually held a video which was present at each arrest. He also routinely walked to the edge of the crowd, videotaping the protesters from his post at the main Bilderberg entrance. There was also a camera mounted atop a temporary street pole, aimed at the heavier gathering of protesters which many activists suspected of having been installed for facial recognition purposes.

From talking to various protesters, I was told that the police had been quite polite and respectful on the first day of the protests, less understanding on the second, and much more authoritarian on the third. From what I could glean from talking to those in the crowd, at least one arrest was made on Thursday, two (possibly four) on Friday, and at least two on Saturday. (More on the Saturday arrest below).

It was clear that police were being very strict about keeping the protesters out of the street and/or Marriott property. This, in itself, is nothing to criticize. However, it appeared that police were going out of their way to arrest protestors for being only slightly off the curb. This had apparently been an issue on Friday as well.

At one point, a cameraman crossed the street in order to get a shot of the size of the crowd. After being in the median (public property) for only a short amount of time, he was approached by police and forced to go back to the other side of the street with the protesters. Thankfully, he was not arrested. Later, Alex Jones would also cross the street for the same purpose but the police, knowing who Jones was, did not attempt to force him back. Apparently, the police didn’t think that that particular juice was worth the squeeze.

Defense Contractor Opinion
I spoke with another activist who had attended the protests for all three days. This gentleman had found a spot at the edge of the property where he was able to view some of the vehicles entering the hotel while at the same time being very close to the adjacent park and building.

He told me that, shortly before the event, some of the workers of a nearby defense contracting agency were standing near the edge of the property, having a smoke break and talking amongst themselves. After engaging them in brief conversation, he says the contractors told him that they were warned about a “big meeting” taking place at the Marriott, that there would be a lot of protesters, and that they were not allowed to take the day off.

He also told me that many of the younger workers were sympathetic to the protesters. In fact, he claims that some of them stated they were streaming Alex Jones’ live feed. The older contractors, he said, were not sympathetic at all and were upset at the younger men for even talking about it.

Bilderberg Prostitutes?
This activist also told me that he witnessed a van pulling up to the Marriott and dropping off a busload of very attractive young women. He described these women as looking about 20 years old, and having “Russian” features.

This was the only report I was able to obtain regarding these women and it should be noted that I was not present at either of these incidents.

I was, however, present at the arrest of a “protester” on Saturday. In fact, as luck would have it, the arrest occurred only a few feet away from where I was standing so as to provide me with a bird’s eye view.

Protesters had located the closest area to the Marriott meeting room and were massed at the fence, yelling and blasting megaphones over the top of it and in the direction of where the actual meeting would logically be taking place.

The police drove up alongside the sidewalk in a grey unmarked pickup truck, got out of the vehicle and approached a specific protester. I am unaware if the protester was in the street or not. I was unable to hear what was said between the two, but I did hear the police direct all of the protesters to stay on the sidewalk. The police then got back in the truck and, just before driving off, the protestor who had been confronted turned his megaphone siren on and aimed it at the truck. The truck then stopped and the doors opened again with the police exiting the vehicle. Again, they argued with the protester and it appeared he was going to be arrested.

Protesters, however, began to mass around the man and began shouting at the police who then backed down, got back in the truck, and drove off.

The man, who was identified to me as Eric Cavette by other protesters, then walked out into the street with a bullhorn and began saying that the police had backed down because the people had stood up to them. He then began to encourage other protesters to follow him into the street for some type of victory lap or, possibly, something else.

Nevertheless, the police had made a U-turn and quickly returned to the scene. Cavette ducked into the crowd and was pursued by police who caught up with him and proceeded to arrest him. As all the protesters became distracted with the melee on the ground, Alex Jones who was leading the protest at this area of the property, quickly recognized this arrest as a potentially staged incident and announced this to the crowd, encouraging them to return to the fence and continue demonstrating.

The evidence for the arrest being staged is that Cavette had been arrested on Friday for the same “crime” yet, although most arrests occurring on Friday usually result in a weekend stay in jail, Cavette was back at the protest the next day. This was not a fact that was lost on many other protesters who suspected Cavette of being a cop for other reasons.

According to Frankie Mineo, a Bilderberg protester, Cavette claimed that he had been forcibly vaccinated when arrested (the first time) and that he was sexually assaulted repeatedly by police. He also claimed he was nauseous and had a metallic taste in his mouth after receiving the shot.

Although Cavette’s claim is certainly plausible enough, the fact is that the area of the fence closest to the Marriott meeting room was the subject of a great deal of police attention. Put this together with the fact that Cavette was encouraging other protesters to enter the street, and there is certainly reason to suspect that Cavette’s arrest was indeed a police attempt to distract, dissuade, and intimidate protesters from demonstrating, particularly near this area of the property.

If anyone has any more information on this arrest, please feel free to contact Activist Post at activistpost@gmail.com.

Guards Visible
For the better part of three days, the actual Bilderberg security personnel were able to hide behind bushes and black fabric sheets thrown over the high fences to prevent the protesters from seeing inside.

However, toward the end of the day on Saturday, activists began cutting the fabric from the fencing, revealing the security goons who had previously enjoyed days of anonymity. Although unable to see inside the building or anything relevant that might produce more information, it was quite a satisfying moment for the protesters who were able to witness the look of fear and surprise on the face of the security personnel.

It was only when they were ordered by a superior to move closer to the protesters did they even attempt to do so. Even then, it was apparent to all that security was unprepared to look the activists in the eye.

There will be more to come regarding the Bilderberg event in a future article.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident. Turbeville has published over one hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at activistpost (at) gmail.com.

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