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Chinese Troops Reportedly Amassing Near US-Mexico Border

Brandon Turbeville
April 12, 2012
Activist Post

If recent accounts coming from some in the alternative media are to be believed, then Operation Fast & Furious may soon give way to an even bigger story surrounding the U.S./Mexico border. Indeed, even the notorious Mexican drug cartels might find themselves taking a back seat.

This is because claims are now being made suggesting the major presence of Chinese troops stationed inside Mexico, both along the U.S. border and the port areas.

The first question, of course, is whether or not this information is accurate. If it is, the second question immediately becomes, “why?”

Unfortunately, however, all the information we have currently comes from anonymous sources who have yet to be verified in terms of their reliability.

The reports currently garnering the most attention are those coming from Steve Quayle of the Q-Files Radio Show who recently interviewed a cross-border trucker who claims to have actually seen a major Chinese military base inside Mexico.

The trucker claims he was delivering a trailer load of food to a military camp 60 miles south of Laredo, Texas. As he was entering Mexico, he says he was escorted into the country by the Mexican Federal Police to protect the truck from hijackings and robbery.

The camp itself, according to the trucker, was about 2 miles wide and 3 miles long and was staffed by Chinese soldiers complete with armored vehicles and living quarters constructed from refurbished shipping containers. As his truck was being unloaded by the soldiers, he claims he was able to count the armored vehicles parked neatly in rows. According to the trucker, there were 10,000 armored vehicles located in this facility. He also claims that there were water tanks, generators, and communications complexes.

After this report and based upon the information given by the trucker as well as the geographical knowledge available to him through other individuals, Quayle claims he enlisted his own source which he refers to as “Cross Border Eyes,” to go to the area which was the most likely location for the Chinese base. This area was determined to be in the triangle between Sabinas Hidalgo, Lampazos de Naranjos, and Arroyo Blanco.

Upon entering the area, “Cross Border Eyes” claims he immediately noticed large numbers of Mexican Federal Police in many different types of vehicles, including some that were painted “that odd green characteristic of Red Chinese vehicles.” “Cross Border Eyes” then claims that he tried numerous other entrances to the triangular region by other roads, tracks, etc. but, at each location, there were massive levels of Federal Police on patrol. He is quoted as saying, “it was like you stuck a firecracker into a red ant hole and blew it, and you know how all the red ants come up out of the hole . . .”

Quayle also reported on the same day that High Frequency communications were being broadcast on U.S. military frequencies carrying with them “heavily oriental accented operators speaking broken English in direct communications with Conus [Continental United States] Military Comm Stations . . . . . . . . the accent was not Japanese either, but Chinese.”

Alongside these reports, there are still the unsubstantiated claims (or just rumors at this point) of Chinese soldiers involved in a shooting incident with American Border Patrol agents and the Mexican army. The incident occurred on October 24, 2000 with the Mexican army making an incursion onto the American side of the border. When the Border Patrol identified themselves and told the soldiers to return to their side of the border, the soldiers opened fire on the agents.

Janice Manning, of YOWUSA, writes:
The incident, which occurred on October 24 near the Otay Mesa border-crossing southeast of San Diego, has received little attention in the mainstream media but local law enforcement circles are a buzz at reports that Mexican soldiers were not the only ones in the area. 
Several eyewitness accounts stated soldiers of Asian and Caucasian origin were also firing from Mexico on the Border Patrol agents in the unprovoked attack. 
A Border Patrol agent, speaking to the Strategic Jungle Syndicate on the condition of anonymity, stated the attack was more than Mexican soldiers firing upon what they thought might be drug dealers. 'Everything happened so fast but I know not all of them were Mexican nationals,' the agent said. 'More than two of us saw what appeared to be an Asian soldier. I didn't get a real clean look at his eyes but he certainly looked Asian to me. The bottom line here is this was planned and not some random event. The government might not want to admit that but it's the damn truth.'
The agent also stated several Mexican nationals, attempting to cross the border illegally, also told of 'chinos,' a slang term in Spanish for Chinese, soldiers dressed in fatigues. 'There were a few people in the brush trying to get into the United States and after the shooting ended, they were apprehended and being processed to return to Mexico,' the Border Patrol agent said. 
'Two or three of them were close enough and said they heard men speaking what they described as Chinese. They were scared and said they had seen the men before, including some white men driving military type vehicles.'
Local law enforcement officials have also confirmed the movement of unidentified military vehicles. A deputy with the San Diego County Sheriff's office confirmed officers have encountered unknown vehicles in and near the border area. 'We're all law enforcement officers and we talk a lot about what we see,' the deputy with nine years in the department said. 'There's been strange things going on. Even homeowners have been calling about automatic weapons fire in the canyons near Otay Mesa. I know my friends with the San Diego Police Department also hear about it. There's something going on and most of us feel like we're not being told everything.'
Of course, these types of reports have never been corroborated by official sources nor by any hard evidence gained from on the ground reporting. For that reason, it would advisable not to put too much stock in them as of yet.
However, considering the fact that the world seems to be quickly marching toward a third world war in which the United States and China will undoubtedly play a major role, it might also be wise not to completely ignore such information.

After all, China does have a strategic interest in Mexico. Its shipping ports have long been used as an end-run around “free trade” restrictions between the U.S. and China, taking advantage of the signing of the disastrous NAFTA agreement which opened the floodgates of goods and jobs between the two nations and Canada. Both China and the U.S. are taking advantage of this initial agreement as a way to flood the U.S. market with Chinese goods, as China would offload its products at the Mexican ports and where they head straight for the United States market via the Mexican trucks.

It may very well be that there are Chinese troops in Mexico in an effort to protect their investments and ensure that their products make it to market. It is also possible that China is using this reasoning merely as cover for a more militaristic strategic purpose than simply guarding trinkets from drug traffickers. We must keep in mind that plans have been discussed to use foreign troops in the event of mass dislocation and Martial Law inside the United States. Of course, these reports of Chinese troops in Mexico may be false.  The war machine loves to induce fear whether real or imagined and they have remained silent.

Many of the claims that are circulating regarding sightings of Chinese helicopters and stationing of Chinese troops at American bases, however, are more likely the result of overactive imaginations. For instance, there are detachments of Asian troops inside the United States – in Texas, Idaho, and Arizona – where many of these sightings have occurred. However, these troops proved to be Singaporean not Chinese, as Singapore has two helicopter and fighter jet detachments inside the United States as part of a program between the two governments for training the RSAF (Royal Singaporean Air Force) because the Singaporean airspace is too restrictive to provide adequate training.

Whatever one thinks of this program, it is certainly not a secretive one. Indeed, Singapore has worked very close with the United States and Israel for years.  But it is still foreign troops o U.S. soil.

Regardless of what ones initial reactions may be, the claims being made regarding real Chinese troops in Mexico, particularly in such large numbers, obviously bear watching. At this stage of the game, we cannot afford to become complacent or to write anything off in a knee-jerk reaction.

If anyone has any legitimate information or tips regarding Chinese soldiers inside Mexico (or the United States), please send them to

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions. Turbeville has published over one hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at activistpost (at) 

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